I have this real life subby boy who is 2 decades younger than I, and while I keep him kinkily occupied, this Saturday night past was his first Sex Party. He was a nervous wreck… and I fucking loved it.

Subby Boy’s Prep

I took my boy to get waxed first thing in the morning, the day of the Sex Party. He’s a very tall (compared to me), burly man with gobs of body hair. I couldn’t wait to see what he’d look like hairless. It took hours for my waxer to slather the green wax on, then peel it off, hair trapped within the cooled paraffin.

subby boy

This was what his legs looked like when one leg was done and the other not. Isn’t the hairless leg yummy? So… well, pretty?


My Strapping boy

My subby boy was dressed on the outside with jeans, a random tee shirt and a pair of work boots. I wanted to see what was underneath those threads.

Stripping sensually for me, he uncovered himself, I squealed with delight seeing this black jockstrap… with a pink cock cover!

clapping delightedly

He was going to make quite the first impression.

“Mistress, i Don’t Know…

“…where to look first!”

I laughed happily as I dragged my subby boy around the different spaces by his wrist. (I was cursing myself for forgetting his collar and leash.) As we walked by each small group, who were mostly naked and in the middle of some sort of sexual activity, I interrupted so I could introduce my boy to them. He was horrified that I would stop people mid-fuck to reach out their hands for him to shake (which he did)… before they turned back to their entertainment at hand. (And dick, and pussy, and tits, and and and….)

As we wandered, I asked my boy what caught his eye. (This is something we do when we watch porn together or pics of nekkid women, too. I want to get into his brain, for a variety of reasons. wink)

That One, Mistress”

When he stopped abruptly, I knew he’d found something exciting. I looked around, seeing four distinct scenes in the room, along with 3? 4? men stroking, watching those scenes, and one woman on her knees sucking cock. Unsure of which one made him motionless and mesmerized, I pulled his arm to lower him so I could whisper in his ear, asking, “Which one?” He nodded his head towards the enormous double-king bed against the back wall. I pulled his wrist and as we headed directly over, the unfolding scenario captured even my experienced Sex Party attention.

On the bed was one woman and two men, completely naked of course. There was another woman standing beside the bed, tightening a harness around her waist… it had a delicious rainbow cock dangling from the middle of her groin (it is LGBTQ Pride Month, after all!).

This was going to be way big fun.

Your Turn

What do you imagine we watched?

In the comments, tell me where your imagination takes this story.

delighted laughingwink

Have fun!