One topic not often discussed is sex when one gets to be a senior, a “mature” adult, older… even plain old.

Sex As a Senior

Many of you know I go to Sex Parties. I don’t think I have ever shared anything about the age ranges at these wonderful parties, however.

I have played with folks (male, female and otherwise) at parties who were as young as 25 and as old as 70. And let me tell you, some of those 70-year olds are quite spritely! One woman in particular is the first to get undressed and the last to go home, loving to do all sorts of wonderfully sexual experiences: getting fucked, sucking cock, getting her pussy licked. She is a major inspiration for me.

Obstacles? Ha!

When we talk about sex as a senior, obvious (and common) issues arise (don’t mind the pun)… women needing extra lubricant, more time and concentration to orgasm… men often needing some erection assistance, as well as time for an orgasm to occur.

I find some of the older folks really enjoy coming to orgasm through masturbation, even after a session with someone else or with several people at once. Masturbation sure seems to remain a staple in our lives way into the future.

I am here to tell you, all of these things are easily attended to at Sex Parties. In fact, they are second nature and no one bats an eye about their partner’s sexual needs. Holding this attitude sure helps with the emotional/psychological needs as well.

Respect Your Elders

For so many of us, our sexual desires and appetites do not diminish with age. At least in our minds… our bodies pretty regularly need a tad of additional attention. If we were into panties as a teen, it is almost a given you will still be wearing them at 72. Have thought about sucking cocks forever? That desire rarely vanishes, even over time.

I believe we need to honor our hungers, even if we do not have access to Sex Parties or our bodies can’t quite do what they used to. I encourage you to figure out your own needs as a senior and give them the due respect deserved.

Listen & Learn

And for us young-un’s, I believe we must listen to our amazing elders and the challenges they have had and how they’ve overcome them in order to have a satisfying (and delicious!) sex life… through the ages.