It’s always so much fun when you boys and girls beg me… quite literally, BEG me… to help you eat your cum that first time. You’ve tried so many times before; can I coerce you to break through that barrier?

Cum Eating Challenges

cum eating

As I have said before, there is that crazy mechanism in you all that drives the craving as you begin thinking about your orgasm, how you just really, really want to taste that jizz. But the moment you cum, the craving, even a mild desire, vanishes.

When you call or cam with me, asking for help to get you to eat your cum, we develop a strategy before you even start stroking. One of my favorites, I wrote about in another post:

“When you are ready for your next jack off session, have that shot glass of cum sitting next to you. Then, as you are stroking and feeling that intense urge, pick up the glass and slam it down as if you are shooting tequila.”

New Cum Eating Strategy

Some folks have been having a challenging time even with my 2 tried-and-true methods, so I have another one I want to share with you.

Instead of thinking about eating the entire amount ejaculated, or even a scoop of cum, how about this:

When your cum begins spilling out, after you have released the first one or two ropes, just dip your finger into the puddle… a fingertip is all you need… and try to get it to your mouth before you have finished spurting your load.

This way, you are not trying to gulp a bunch, but just getting the tiniest bit into your mouth. To me, that is a major success!

Over Time

When you are able to get that first taste in, I know you will find it easier and easier to lick… then slurp… your cum for me.

I look forward to watching you soon!