In Masturbation Woobies (Part 1), I shared that, even when you don’t say it out loud, I can usually recognize someone needing to use a woobie… a sort of masturbation security blanket… in order to get hard or stay hard.

lace panties

You generally don’t tell anyone about your little sex-quirk lest they laugh at, or worse leave, you. I find the disclosure of these rituals endearing and sweet. I am honored you share them with me.

For those of you who crave humiliation, we Mistresses would have a new tool to use in our shame-filled arsenal.

evil wink

What If…?

In the first piece, I shared some of your inner thoughts that fly around your mind as you are confronted with the reality you are probably going to have to show someone someday, unless you are going to live life as a single forever. True, some folks are able to hide their fetish, kink… or woobie… their whole lives, but that would be the distinct minority.

fuzzy chenille

These are the questions I asked in the first piece and will do my best to answer them now. Note however, some could have a book-size answer and still leave much to be discovered. This is merely the beginning of the conversation.

  • Is this Mistress going to laugh at or make fun of me?

That depends on what you want to happen in your session after you’ve shown your hand. I am pretty sure that, in our hearts, we are not judging you at all, but are here to fulfill your fantasies and can cackle at the “silliness” or “craziness” of your needing a lovie to masturbate or orgasm. You will find the least judgmental women on the planet here at LDW.

  • Am I the only weirdo who needs something to feel, smell or taste, besides using my hands, in order to get an erection or orgasm?

Well, obviously not or I wouldn’t be writing about it! I do not have nearly the cast of clients some other Mistresses have, yet about 1/3 of you who call me uses something to nuzzle, rub, smell, hump or taste while pleasuring yourself. Hardly the only one.

  • I have never seen this in porn or heard anyone else ever talk about it. Therefore no one but me does this.

I could write a series of novels about how porn and real life differ.


Just because you don’t see something in porn does not mean it doesn’t exist!

(I’ll add conversely, just because you DO see it in porn does NOT mean that is how real life sex works. If you are unsure or confused, feel free to ask me about it.)

And about hearing others talk about such details, have you ever talked about using something to jack-off with to your friends? No? Well, they aren’t going to share either!

  • How will I masturbate if I live with a partner?
  • Would I dare tell them (or show them) how I masturbate?

Now things get stickier (pun intended).

For some people, masturbation always remains a private experience. For others (and I would say the majority in asking and watching hundreds of people masturbate over the last 30 years), it becomes a shared part of a relationship. It is sexy as fuck and a distinct step deeper into being with another person if you show them how you masturbate or watch each other as you masturbate at the same time.

But, you are right. It is a step off the high dive to expose your need to your partner. But, you are not the only one that does! So do they!

We all have secret behaviors.


I’m going to stop for there since we’re moving into the more emotional questions and I want to do those separately. I hope to have Masturbation Woobies (Part 3) up really quickly. As always, if you want to share anything with me that you would like to see me add into this series, just email me!