I have seen it over the decades. You think you’re slick and can hide your need for your woobie (security blanket) by not using it to play with me, to masturbate in front of me.

But, I am not blind. I can (easily) see that you are having a challenging time getting or staying hard. I clearly see your discomfort/struggle/urgency to grasp your woobie and wrap it around your cock, to hump it or smell and/or taste it, but you are too embarrassed to share that with me. (Admit it.)

a chenille stuffed bear

How Do You Masturbate?

Part of why I ask so many detailed questions about how you masturbate is I am wanting to hear you say it… disclose to me… no matter how embarrassing, what your hands are doing, how you feel touching yourself. In Cam, I’m able to see your squirmy-ness, even hear the catches in your voice on the phone. When I sense you are leaving out important information from me, I am just going to dig deeper, so you might as well tell me at the outset.

fake fur blankets

Sometimes, you’ll still be hesitant so I’ll skip the formalities and specifically ask, “Do you use anything to wrap your cock in?” or “Do you usually do something else at the same time as you stroke?”

Lots of stuttering might come from you who do use some sort of cloth or material, scent or taste, to get yourself hard or even off. For others, I can see/hear/sense the immense relief in sharing their secret shame.

Mental Gymnastics

silk or satin, with or without lace, lingerie

I know your mind swirls with inner comments and questions, all in the blink of an eye. They include:

  • Is this Mistress going to laugh at or make fun of me?
  • Am I the only weirdo who needs something to feel, smell or taste, besides using my hands, in order to get an erection or orgasm?
  • I have never seen this in porn or heard anyone else ever talk about it. Therefore no one but me does this.
  • How will I masturbate if I live with a partner?
  • Would I dare tell them (or show them) how I masturbate?
  • What if I get caught masturbating this way?
  • What if they laugh, then what will I do?
  • What if my new partner leaves if I confess my needs?
  • What if they tell their friends how weird I am?

Even you boys & girls not into humiliation find a bit of relief in disclosing one of your deepest secrets to a Mistress. Especially when that Mistress is going to watch you on cam (you wonderful exhibitionists!) and see you using your masturbation woobie in action.

Your secret shame, your embarrassment that you need a lovie or a scent/taste in order to orgasm, is so fucking hot to me. Seeing you so vulnerable is indescribably delicious. I am honored you would tell me and I hold it dear to my heart.


In Masturbation Woobies (Part 2), I will answer those questions you have and talk more about the endless variety of materials and objects I have seen used over the years.