It’s already getting hot here in Miami… the season to wear white!

White Dresses

I have this thing about white cotton. I love white gauzy cotton sundresses in the summertime, white sandals…

…with my hair pulled back…

…and decorated with a big white ribbon.

And depending on my mood, I will wear a white thong or, if I am feeling really naughty, no undies at all.

(An aside: sometimes in the summer, I like to let all my pubic hair grow back just so it can be seen through my white clothes. I know, what a bad girl. Spank me.)

White-Themed Pool Party

So when my lovely girlfriend (who has a sweet, yummy pussy that I love to nosh on) invited about 20 friends over to her house for a white-themed pool party, I knew exactly what I was going to wear. This time, under my thin white dress, I would wear my heart thong so when I take my dress off to go swimming, I can use the panties as my bathing suit. Sometimes, skimpier is better!

I love this friend’s pool parties because she always makes sure the guests want for nothing. Tons of food… from vegetarian and gluten-free to heaps of freshly sliced meats and side dishes… all kept either on ice or in that electric contraption that keeps hot foods safe.

She also has one bar set up for every 10 people invited, so this day had 2 bars, one in the house and one by the pool. We are all very careful about how much we drink, what with a pool and needing to drive home both comanding respect. Not everyone chooses to drink alcohol at all (often that is me) and wondrous treats of non-alcoholic drinks are available, too.

White-Hot Shame

My girlfriend invited more Dominant women today and a handful of subbies… T-girls, and cismen, both. Their jobs were:

1) to serve us

2) to entertain us

They began entertaining us immediately wearing these tiny LACE undies; a requirement to attend.


Delicious, all of them.

These subbies were not into humiliation (at least not yet!), so wearing these pieces of lace was mortifying. We laughed as they flushed with shame and kept trying to cover themselves up. But we kept their hands full as they ran back and forth serving us continually. I giggled to my friends that even if my side table was groaning with food, I was going to keep those boys & girls hopping so their hands could not cover themselves.

All day long, I howled with laughter at these “servers,” loving their extreme embarrassment. My wonderful Femdom friends laughed just as heartily.

(They were rewarded later; do not doubt our benevolence.)

I love summer and I know that several of these types of parties are being planned even now.

See you there?