I’ve had an interesting phenomenon happening lately.

I’ve been able to delve deeply into some clients’ minds, “seeing” the secrets they have never told another soul. They ask, “How do you know?!?”

Am I a Mind-Reader?

Of course I am not a mind-reader. I wish I had that skill (or superpower as some might call it).

However, I do know quite a lot about human nature. I also pay attention… to minute details… even listening to the rhythm of your breathing, able to see what affects you, touches you… makes your dick even more erect.

I have a slew of Psychology classes behind me (was headed towards being a therapist before shifting to being a midwife) and even plenty of individual therapy myself. As a midwife, I honed the innate skills I possessed, being able to “see” what was going on with a woman in labor, even when she was unable to speak.

When we cam, I can see your body language as well as watch your breathing as it changes when I ask about different topics… and those hidden fantasies. Even on the phone, I hear the nuances in your breathing and am able to gauge whether I am on the right track or not.

artist, Ruloso


Probably the best explanation is my being empathetic to your feelings, thoughts and even fantasies/memories. I cannot literally step into your shoes, but I am able to see things from your viewpoint.

Empathy definition:

“Empathy is seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another and feeling with the ‘heart’ of another.”

When you tell me you wear panties, I am pretty sure you began by going through the hamper at home. I can almost feel your thrill that first time, your embarrassment… even shame… at what you are about to do, knowing it is almost uncontrollable, that drive to reach in, to pull out a pair of panties… and bringing them to your nose.

I can “see” it.

Perhaps it is because I am a twisted, nasty girl myself and know that, if that were my kink, what I would do in that situation. That is yet another form of empathy.


My style of being a Mistress tends towards asking personal questions, digging into your psyche, wanting (needing) to know those secrets you hide.

Some folks don’t find my digging comfortable at all. I am tempted to say, “If it makes you squirm, let’s play with that discomfort!” It can be a massive turn on to remember those memories that elicit the most intense emotions.

If you are really turned off, I can certainly take a different tack or we can find you another Mistress that’s a better fit. I am the first to say there is no such thing as One-Size-Fits-All when it comes to spending time with you guys & gals. I love the way we can maneuver with each other so you are able to have the best session ever.


It sounds terribly religious, but I do not mean it quite that way.

We all harbour deeply rooted thoughts we pray no one will ever know, yet ache to have brought into the light somehow. That juxtaposition of terror and excitement is intoxicating. I love playing with that energy!

So, if you’ve always needed to “confess” your innermost secrets to someone, I am here to listen… honored to listen, really.

And I hold your thoughts and secrets close to my heart, knowing how precious they are.

I know.

I know because I have them, too.

artis, Sir Frank Dicksee