So, what kind of dicklet do you have?

  • A short, stubby one?
  • A gherkin?
  • A small one?
  • A micropenis?
  • An innie?

Whatever it is, it’s a…


I know you boys and girls with those tiny dicklets. You masturbate with 2 fingers, not with a whole hand like a real man does. Or even more hilariously, you rub it like a cisgirl, your fingers not even fitting on what you profess to have between your legs.

I see you touching yourself, attempting to imagine having a big boy dick as you try and figure out what to do with those fat fingers. (Do you even deserve to have this pleasure? Shouldn’t you just forego it since you aren’t even a complete man?)

What Is It?

I hear you weeping like a little girl on the phone because your dicklet isn’t whole. It stopped growing way, way too soon, didn’t it? So many of you asking me through your boo hoo tears, “Was I supposed to be a girl?”

My retort: What do you think?

Is it a dicklet or a clit?

Stunned Silence (or Gales of Laughter!)

What did that girl say when she reached inside your jeans and found that tiny flap of skin?

Did she pull her hand out and leave? Did she look at you and ask, “That’s it?” Did you two mess around only to never have her talk to you again? You do know she told all her girl AND boy friends about it, don’t you?

What do the guys at the gym say? Oh, you don’t get naked at the gym?


You know darn well they would laugh their heads off and then call their wives from the car to tell them what floppy flesh you were so proudly showing everyone.

Anything Else?

Am I missing any of your humiliating experiences? I would love to hear about them.

Then I can laugh and laugh and laugh… and tell all my friends about your teeny-tiny dicklet.