My submissive ballerina has been being a good girl… going to ballet classes, practicing with Gwenny in our home studio and has really been very well-behaved, not needing many spankings at all.

But her costumes have begun looking haggard; she needs a shopping spree with Gwenny at the helm.

A Ballerina at the Mall

Gwenny took our sweet submissive to a variety of stores in the mall. From costume shops…

… to ballerina shoe stores.

Once they were carrying their bags…

…Gwenny thought our little submissive ballerina needed a beauty make-over!

Painting a Princess

So they went to the makeup store and our ballerina got herself settled on the tall chair as the makeup artist began decorating her face. Gwenny stood close and watched with much interest.

First her cover-up, then the liquid foundation, then contour and blush, the whole face then covered with a light powder to matte her skin into softness.

After that, it was her eyes!

The makeup artist loved our ballerina and gave her an amazing eye makeup treatment. Our girl squealed her delight at the flowers.

Then, the face’s finishing touch…


We cannot forget the gloss, can we?

After the wonderful makeup session, it was mani-pedi time.

Her pedicure ended up like this:

Our ballerina wanted some very pretty fingernails… and got them!


Flying High!

Once our girl was finished, she went home, showed her Mistress (who clapped her happiness at how pretty her girl was), dressed in one of her new dresses, she then twirled and twirled and twirled in the living room for her Owner and Gwenny, her fantastic instructor who took our girl out for a day of beauty.

Doesn’t she look like a joyous fairy?

I think so, too.

soft smile