At the 4-Day Weekend of Wild Sex in early February, 2017, I met a wonderful 60-year old gentleman, shy and soft-spoken; it really was surprising to see him at a 100+ people party, but here he was.

Spanking Wishes

During one round of introductions, this quiet man shared that he had always had a desire to be spanked. He had no memories of being spanked as a child, but the thought just ran through his mind over and over and over for all these decades. I could tell he had more to say and I made sure to note what he was wearing so I could find him amidst the crowd after we broke out of the intro group.

I made a beeline for this older man and as I stepped up to introduce myself, I took his hand in mine and pulled him off to the side, onto a large chartreuse overstuffed bench, tucked under an enormous indoor palm.

There, he quietly told me about all the years he wished to be draped over a woman’s knees, pants down around his ankles and feel her hands swipe across his bare bottom, then spank him. Over and over again. He said sometimes he would dream about it, his butt hurting in his sleep and he would wake up with his penis very, very hard.

I listened, my heart open to his needs and told him I think I could help him fulfill this lifelong fantasy. Tears brimmed in his eyes while he told me this was a dream come true. I was honored to help facilitate his wishes.

Over My Knees

I had this dear soul stand up in front of me while I sat on the ottoman and I smiled up at him as I undid his belt, the button on his pants, unzipped them, and pulled his pants and underwear down… over his knees… and then down to his ankles, where his socks and shoes remained, keeping his pants from falling off onto the floor.

He stood in front of me, his cock semi-hard and I could see sweat on his upper lip. I took his left hand in mine and led him to move over my lap. Even though I have done this many times, as he maneuvered to clamber onto my lap, he was a tad wobbly getting settled; it was his first time.

When his feet finally left the floor, his dick was tucked between my knees, his pelvis settled on my thigh and his soft bottom well within reach.

The Spanking Experience

This delightful older man rested on my legs, his hard cock thrusting between my knees with each smack onto his butt cheeks. It wasn’t 30 seconds before he began weeping, then crying… then sobbing and howling. I could feel 60+ years of desire flowing out of his body as tears and yowls. I was emotional as well, feeding the beast that was so ravenous within his mind and body; it was a challenge to keep myself from crying along with him.

This was one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve ever had at a Sex Party. Spanking this gentleman, making those butt cheeks bright red (more than once that weekend!), I found my heart nearly bursting with joy at his dream being fulfilled.

As we said goodbye to each other 4 days later, this wonderful man thanked me several times, saying he finally felt the sense of satisfaction he had been searching for for a really long time. We hugged, holding each other tightly, and I watched him get in his car and drive off with a smile on his face.