In Dinner Party Contest: A Win for ALL! (Part 1), I began the story of seduction of three vanilla friends of my play friend couple.

Here’s how the scoring stands at the moment:

  • Kissing – 2 points for me
  • Pants or dress off
  • Underwear off
  • When genitals come out to play – 2 points for me

… for a total of 12 points possible.

Ha! My friends had not yet scored. laughingsmirk

Gettin’ Down to It

When everyone’s soufflés were finished, we “retired” to the living room, an enormous white sofa pit beckoning.

My seatmates had discreetly tucked their dicks back into the pants. After taking our shoes off, we clambered onto the couch, I patted the spot next to me and called the girl to come sit. She sensed something was going on, I could tell, so she was a tad slow getting on, crawling towards me (crawling! which fucking made me wet!), before settling in close, but not touching. I wasn’t having any of that and reached out and clasped her hand.

We were all feeling pretty good at this point, the two of the three vanillas not quite so vanilla anymore, but we still had work to do.

We turned off the lights and had a couple of large candles lit, then put the Phantom of the Opera movie on (at my behest), a sexy, seductive, sensuous movie filled with amazing voices and images. All of us but one of the men (who groaned about the movie choice) had seen it. After the chandelier opening segment, we had an in-depth discussion of the depravity of the movie, how BDSM it was, how the Phantom hypnotizes Christine to do his bidding. The guy asked if there was any nudity. Nope. Any gun fights? Nope. CGI? Nope. He rolled his eyes, but said he would try to keep an open mind. I touched his hand, smiling coquettishly, saying I didn’t think he would be disappointed. Not sure if I waggled my eyebrows at him or not.

Darkness Deepened

As the movie unfolded, we all moved closer together, first feet touching, then shoulders, then reaching over and grasping hands, running our fingers up and down each others’.

But I wanted more points.

I lifted up onto my knees and yanked my dress off, leaving me in my demi-bra, garter belt, thigh highs… and no panties. The men squirmed in their seats. I chuckled under my breath knowing it wouldn’t be long until more had undressed.

As I settled back down, I laid my head on the woman’s lap, my legs across one of the vanilla boy’s lap. Her hands stayed by her sides. I stroked her thigh, on top of her dress first, then slid underneath; she did not stop me and finally touched me by putting a hand on my head, running her fingers through my hair. My legs were also being caressed by the reluctant movie watcher, his hand going higher and higher up my stocking’d leg. I spread my legs a little for him. My toes tickled his bulge.

I was very slow and gentle with the timid woman underneath my head, but by the time “Masquerade” was on the screen, my fingers had found her sweet pussy, just dipping between her soft lips, she was leaning her head back and began singing along with the film’s party goers… although her song sounded a tad more like moaning.


As the man at my feet realized I had pushed inside the woman’s cunt, he slid his fingers inside mine. I moaned as my thumb played with her clit; he had curled his fingers inside, pressing onto my tender spot in the front. He used his other hand to pull his dick out. And began stroking. I reached up and pulled the woman’s dress down from the front, baring her lovely red satin bra… I tried pulling the cup down, but it was too taut. She leaned forward, reached back and released her luscious breasts, letting them drop. Not moving my hand from inside her, not letting the man’s hand stop, I leaned up and grabbed her nipple with my mouth. She moaned louder this time and I gushed wet onto his hands.

The 5th point went to me. HA!

I unlatched from her nipple, leaned over and looked at my partyfriends and their man next to them… my guy friend was sucking his dick! I squealed my delight, then sat up, wet fingers groping at the man’s zipper, helping him pull off his pants and shorts. I then crawled to the woman and pulled her dress over her head… then yanked those panties right off.

Points 6, 7 & 8 for me!

His cock danced and I grabbed it and leaned back onto the woman’s lap again… guiding his dick inside me from behind, then turning to attend to her pussy once again.

Candle Haze

By this point, Phantom was but background noise as we all stripped, began swirls of touching, licking, fucking and exploring each other. I had cunt wet all over my face at once point… then cum dripping out of my mouth as my playgirlfriend grabbed my hair and hungrily kissed me, licking the cum out of my mouth; she gave me a fat lip from the force of her kiss! Somewhere along the way, my friends and their (previously) vanilla friend joined in and we really were quite the menagerie of sluts with each other. Groping, sucking… and the moans, the wails of orgasm soaring through the living room’s 18 foot ceiling… yeah, it was lots of fun.

And the room reeked of sex.

Somewhere in there, it dawned on me that I had won! 8 points out of a possible 12. When I realized it, I stopped sucking my friend’s dick and yelled, “I WON! I get the last orgasm!” and someone, without skipping a beat, said, “It’s yours!”

And so it was.