Short Story: I FUCKING WON! (Twice!)

Last night I wrote about my Dinner Party Contest I was readying myself to attend. It was a Contest we were having to see who could corrupt the unsuspecting 3 guests the fastest and most completely.

Let’s review:

Our goal… the race… the CONTEST, if you will… is to see who can get one of the other three:

  • Kissing
  • Pants or dress off
  • Underwear off
  • When genitals come out to play


The Dance

Dinner consisted of my friends who I play with pretty regularly and 3 of their friends that they were pretty sure were vanilla. At least up to this point.


We created a signal for each other so that if there was a score, the others would drop their fork or napkin or whatever and peek under the table to see the success; a wink.

I wore my new LBD… tight up to my bottom… low cut with sequins around the neckline, with a black lace demi-bra, shoving my tits up to their best display height. I wore black thigh high stockings connected to the black lace garter belt underneath. No panties. (I had an agenda.) And my sweet patent leather Mary Jane stilettos. I fucking looked hot. (If I do say so m’self.)

We were seated boy, girl, boy, girl, boy, girl and we interspersed the vanilla folks between us (there were 2 men and one woman, all straight).

Dinner was good… although I cannot even remember what we ate! What I do remember is how I nudged my knee against the boy to the left. And the boy to my right. At the same time. Which meant my legs were wide apart. With no panties. You could smell my wet.

Swooping In

Soon enough, my hands were not holding my wine glass or fork anymore, but had a bulge inside each of my curled hands. I never asked if they both realized my dual naughtiness or not, but I sure was having fun!

Within a few minutes more, I had their pants unzipped, my hands inside, touching hard dicks through their shorts. (Good thing I am ambidextrous!)

I wasted no time, pulling their dicks out just as the soufflé was set down in front of us.

I winked. My friends both looked under the table, saw the 2 dicks out and came back tableside with their mouths hanging open and glaring at me for my progress. I laughed, stuck my tongue out at them… and began stroking those cocks.


The Soufflé

Letting go of the dicks, letting them just dangle, hard, there under the table, I picked up my spoon, took one bite of the warm chocolate ooze, then scooped up another spoonful, turned to Mr. Man on my left and fed him a bite of the delicious chocolate. I purposefully mirrored his mouth motions, including licking my lips a couple of times. Using the same spoon, I made another dip into the soufflé, turned to Mr. Man on my right and repeated the actions, but this time, I leaned over and licked his lips, then pushed in and kissed him deeply. I turned to my friends and gave a smirky grin.

Point number 3.

Feeling cocky (so to speak), I repeated the same demonstration of yumminess on my left, feeding-licking-kissing.

4th point.

I snorted and laughed because my friends had yet to get even one point with their victim… er, guest.

Dinner Party Contest: A Win for ALL!