So I am going to a dinner party tonight… a scripted, pre-choreographed and twisted dinner where my male-female playfriends (we play regularly) and I are hosting three unsuspecting friends of theirs.

The Contest Rules

My couple-friends and I met a few days ago, just chatting and having drinks, the dinner in a few days having already been planned. After a couple three drinks, we got silly and started teasing about seducing their friends. We thought we were kidding, but once sober again, we talked three-way on the phone and decided the plan needed honing and the plan was hatched.

Our goal… the race… the CONTEST, if you will… is to see who can get one of the other three:

  • Kissing
  • Pants or dress off
  • Underwear off
  • When genitals come out to play


Whomever gets the most points win the extra orgasm at the end of the party, whenever that might be.

What We Abandoned from the Contest

When we were tipsy, we had a laundry list of challenges for each other. Some items we dropped off the Contest list were:

  • Making out
  • Guest touching our genitals
  • Guest licking our genitals
  • Guest sucking our genitals
  • Same sex touching
  • Same sex oral
  • Same sex vaginal/anal
  • Guest orgasm (who gave it got credit)

What would you add to the Contest’s list?

I can’t wait to tell you about the Dinner Party Contest tomorrow!