My Holiday Party needed a serving wench. I borrowed a friend’s submissive boi. I’d met him once and enjoyed his servitude and obedience greatly.

Pink Decorations

I had his outfit all picked out. Hmmm. Not sure you could call it an “outfit.” More like ways to accessorize his assets.

The first thing I did was put some jewelry in those pretty nipples of his.

nipple ring

Then I looked at his cock, appraising it, turning my head this way and that… you really wouldn’t call it a “cock,” per se… more like a dicklet. It was amusingly small. Really small.

Still, it needed to have something to highlight it… truly, something on it so we could even see the thing. I fingered through my jewelry box and found what I was looking for.

“Aha!” I said, and held up the cock ring I’d had made for just such an occasion.

cock ring

Pretty pink rhinestones on a pink bow, the ring going around his cock and balls, the ribbon falling just below his testicles.

clapping with delight

“Perfect. That is flippin’ adorable!”

The room agreed.

Two Items to Go

He’d been sitting on a chair while I put on the decorations so far, but I knew there was yet one more location that begged to have ornaments.

I pulled the boy up, then pushed him downward, he immediately knew to get on his knees .

“Good boy,” I said.

My hand ran from his head, down his neck, his upper back (feeling those delicious muscles!), then lower back, then… exactly where I wanted.

His ass.

I giggled as I pulled out the specially made toy I was going to insert into his ass hole and showed it to the party go-ers who clapped and laughed with me.

Grabbing the lube, I slathered it onto the long end of the stick, then pushed it into his rectum.


Bike streamers! Glittery silver strands mixed with the pink ones. Pretty!

But, the coup de grâce to his humiliation was the part of the butt plug that would keep the streamers in.

A pink flowered bike bell.

bike bell!

Now, not only was my boy decorated, he was also useful!

I invited the guests to ring his bell anytime they wanted him to perform a task for them. I snickered knowing how many people were going to be nudging (cramming!) that toy up his butt when they pushed the bell’s lever.  From bringing champagne to cleaning their shoes with his tongue, I knew that bell was going to be of serious use that night.

My pink sparkly boi…

…yeah, this was going to be fun!

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