I find your penis endlessly entertaining.

A magic trick that transforms a lump of clay into a straining, begging animal with a mind of its own.

artist, Philippe Laferrier

Your Penis Performs for Me

My favorite is when I encounter your cock in its flaccid state. Usually when you are sleeping soundly. I can lay on a pillow next to your thigh and stare as long as I want, not causing you any arousal -or embarrassment at the attention I am giving.

All I need to do is touch. A gentle poke. That’s all it takes to bring your flesh flickering to life.

I cup your balls, but watch your cock respond. I can almost see the blood beginning to pulse, finding its way to the shaft first, then upward more, into the head.

The magic trick has begun.

Looking More Closely

I lay on the pillow smiling. You are barely aware of my presence.

artist, Emilia Kallock

When I want more interaction, I move from the pillow to your furry, thick thigh. I am so close you can feel my breath on your genitals.

Now, the process, your wizardry, moves along more speedily. I have to watch closely and imprint the process quickly.

Almost like watching a flower bloom with time lapse photography, your penis blooms the same… flowering from useless to exquisitely useful.

Staring with awe, I startle feeling your hand move to caress my head, running your fingers through my hair. I’d forgotten you were attached to the delightful show I had been watching.

My eyes, glazed with exuberant joy, I turn and look up at you. You are smiling, clearly awakened.

Blessedly, our morning has just begun.