I had the most delightful cam session recently. A client who has eaten a lot of cum wanted me to dictate how much and how he was going to eat it this time.

The Collection Plate

The last time he had consumed a massive amount, it was 25 ejaculations frozen  as croutons on a salad. He wanted to do something different this time.

I ordered 26 orgasms collected, one more than was on the salad, plus we were going to do one fresh load, and because he only eats it frozen, the idea of pouring chocolate or strawberry sauce on the cum ice cubes and eating it like an ice cream sundae delighted me to no end.


Over the next couple three weeks, I received updates in Skype, of him telling me how many loads he’d collected so far. He ejaculated at least once a day, sometimes twice. I loved hearing how the cup was filling up in the freezer. Loved especially when he sent me a picture of the cup as it collected frozen cum. I was delighted when I saw he put my name on the cup!


Now that was an homage!

Caramel & Honey

As my boy considered the topping options, he decided on caramel and honey. Asking if he should put it on while it was freezing, I told him to use his judgment. He decided to put it on as he was freezing it.

The first pouring of caramel sunk to the bottom, which surprised him. I was pretty sure that would happen, sliding down the frozen cubes. He also covered some cubes with honey. When the cup was almost full, he sent me a picture of what it looked like; it had turned brown!


It was sure looking more and more like a sundae, wasn’t it?

Seed Sundae

 The moment came (haha) when he was going to be on cam and eat the sundae for me. I was giddy with excitement. He was nervous he might be sick to his stomach if it tasted horrible. I just laughed and laughed, telling him he would get Bonus Points for vomiting. (I secretly hoped he would, too.)

I got all ready for the show.


There he was, on cam… spoon in hand… shot glass off to the side for the fresh cum later.

He took off his jacket and he surprised me with writing on his chest: DAPHNE’S CUM SLUT – fuck yeah! AND he had it written so it would be the right way for me! (Backwards for him.) Clever boy!

Then the challenge began in earnest.

He dipped the spoon in and a great glob was picked up, he telling me after it was mostly caramel. The next scoop, though, was definitely cum. I sat screaming laughing and clapping the whole time. It fucking entertained me to no end. I couldn’t believe what I was watching; it was almost surreal. I felt so lucky to get to witness this delightful exercise.

Scoop after scoop… long threads of caramel or honey connected the spoon to the cum still in the cup; I could see what a sticky mess this was becoming. I continued laughing laughing. My stomach was already hurting from laughing so hard and much. My hands were sore from clapping, but I had no control over my laughter and hands… could not stop praising the cum slut for his deviant behavior!

“How GROSS! You are eating CUM! Do you know how DISGUSTING your friends would find you?!?!”

I watched his dick get hard as I hurled insults through the keyboard.

“What a fucking cumeater you are! Cum slut! Is this what you do with your spare time?!? Jack off and EAT IT?!? Fuck, you fucking pervert!”

He gobbled the cum as if it was an ice cream sundae.

laughing remembering even now


The Freshmaker!

After the frozen jizz sundae was consumed, it was time for the dessert: the shot of fresh cum.

It took mere moments for him to jack off into the shot glass. I applauded wholeheartedly and laughed (out loud) at how turned on he was slurping his own cum out of the cup and that he would cum with just a few strokes. But there it was… the shot glass of cum being held up to the camera… and he tossed it back for me as I squealed with utter delight and jealousy (I love cum!). My mouth and stomach ached from smiling and laughing so much.

Once he was finished with his assignment… that he completed like a fucking champion, I might add… I talked with him for a few minutes about his thoughts. He said it was really gross and it did make him kind of sick, but not enough to throw up. (He told me the day after he did not throw up after he got off camera either. Good boy!)


My Take-Away

So, I think it is a rare boy or girl who would be able to do this kind of challenge, but it sure can be something to aspire to.

And if you do collect your cum in a cup… even 2 or 3 orgasms’ worth… consider some ice cream sauce on it! Sure to turn your stomach… and get you fucking hard as an ice cube.