In Ballet Class: Mistress’ Command, I set the stage for my submissive boy to begin ballet class, working to remedy his clumsiness and oafishness.

A Case of the Nerves



Welcome home, my little ballerina! Are you excited about your first class? Oh, no pouting. It’s going to be just fine. C’mere, come sit on your Mistress’ lap for a few minutes before you head out to class.

Ahhh, there, there. You’re worried? Well, it will take you some time to get used to the exercises and then the dances, but they all know you are new and should be pretty patient with you.

Defending Yourself

I do want to tell you that you will be the least experienced in the class annnnddddd the other girls might say some things about you that might hurt your feelings a little bit. What things?

Well, they might say you aren’t a real girl. You just tell them your Mistress says you are and to stop saying that.


They might make fun of your hairy legs and arms even though they will be covered by tights and a sweater. If they do, we can talk about waxing and getting rid of that hair. You let me know what you think about that. Oh, don’t cry, sweetie… here, lean against my breasts. Calm down.

Time to Get Ready

Now go get dressed in the clothes I showed you a couple of days ago so you can get on your way to class. Oh, didn’t I tell you? You’re going to be walking to the Ballet School. Awww, it’s okay. It’s only 3 blocks away. Yes, you will be wearing your ballet clothes, but will wear tennis shoes until you get into the classroom, then you will change into your slippers.


clapping delightedly as you come down the stairs

Look at you! You look so so so pretty! Wow. I cannot believe how sweet you look. You really are a ballerina! The tennis shoes are funny, but you’ll take care of that at the school.

Okay, my precious ballerina, off you go! I can’t wait to see you after class!


Ballet Class: The Classroom is next!