You have stumbled over the ottoman for the last time. I am finally tired of your dropping the tea cups, spilling the milk and tripping over the dog.


I’ve thought long and hard about what to do, where to send you for Grace Training.

I’ve decided on Ballet Classes.


My Ballet Class Decree

You will begin ballet classes day after tomorrow. Now, stop crying. You’re going to be fine. You might feel odd when you start, but you will soon enjoy them. I promise.

You will take the classes until I feel you have successfully passed this awkward stage of learning to be a girl. When you can walk gracefully, bend over and pick something up off the floor deftly and are able to manage your bulky form around the furniture, then we will discuss ending classes. Until then, you are signed up… and committed… to ballet classes for at least the next year.

Your Costume

Each day, you will wear this as your uniform. You will make sure they are clean and stain-free, understand?


Ballet Tights


Ballet Unitard


Ballet Sweater


Ballet Slippers



I will watch you get dressed, sweet girl. First your white cotton panties, then sliding the tights on one foot, up your leg to your knee, then repeating with the other leg. Then you will slide the tights up higher on both sides, wriggling them up your body sensuously.

Afterwards, the unitard gets pulled on, you squatting, lifting, squatting, lifting to adjust the crotch and then pull it up and over your torso and over your arms.

Add the sweater next, to keep you warm when you are not dancing, then the slippers.

The Slippers


The ballet slipper… the pointe shoe… the hallmark of the ballerina. You shall learn how to dance en pointe for me and I shall show you off to all of my friends and family! My trained pet girl. You would love that, yes?

Let’s go buy your clothes and shoes now… to get you ready for class in a couple of days.

Shall we?

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Follow along as I unfold your adventure into Ballet Class!

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