My Confession

So, I’ll admit it. I am kinda new at the Cum Eating game.

I mean, I was in a lesbian relationship for 20+ years with occasional sneak trips to seek out dick and cum (don’t tell my former partner!) and during that time I was a Lifestyle submissive. I’ve come out as a Femdom in the last 2 years, have embraced it with all of my Be-ing. I know, like many of you do, too, that my having been a submissive offers me a window into the mindset of you boys & girls who need to be led down the subbie path.


That said, I love cum. I crave cum. I fucking wander to Glory Holes to suck a dick and eat some cum when the mood becomes overwhelming.

Challenge Extended

So now that I get to spend time with you folks who 1) ache to eat cum, but cannot get past the first taste 2) have just discovered your delight in your own cum and want to yack about it over and over 3) now want to show off on cam your cum-eating skills and then 4) need growing challenges regarding eating your own… and then other people’s… cum, you are often teaching me as much as I guide you.

Yeah, I might not have lots of education (yet), but what I lack in experience,

I more than make up in enthusiasm!


Challenge Accepted

My most recent cum eaters have had me clapping and laughing delightedly as they entertained me on Cam. Both have given me permission to share their adventures here in my blog and I do so excitedly.

Cum Eater #1

He never thought about eating cum before a Mistress here at LDW ordered him to. He said it took many months before he dipped even one finger in and brought it to his lips. His reaction? Mmmm, not so bad! Over the next year, he followed a common path of wanting, then needing… and he moved a step beyond to craving cum. After awhile, his wasn’t enough and he began searching out other cocks with cum. Through this journey, he began experimenting with various ways to eat his cum, trying different foods, mixing it with liquids, but his favorite became Pasta con Jism. When he told me that, I howled laughing and knew I had to share it with you all. Bowtie pasta with cum drizzled on top. Can you imagine anything more tasty?! I sure cannot.


Cum Eater #2

Now, I have had some of you eat 3, 4 and 5 loads at a time. And I have been impressed. The most I had had in this last year of being a Phone Sex Operator was 8. And then I was invited in with another Mistress to watch a delicious display of greediness as a gentleman gobbled up 25 loads. Make that 25 frozen loads and one fresh load. He’d frozen the cum into a chunk and used it as a crouton on a lovely Frisée Salad.


Bite after bite, he chomped down that block o’ jizz. It was the most fabulous experience, witnessing this Herculean task. (And yes, I know, others of you eat/drink a whole lot more than 25+1; I am in awe!) After his “crouton,” this luscious man came again for us on cam… brushed his teeth and then spread some on a chocolate chip cookie and gobbled that right up as if he’d not eaten for a week.

I Need More!

Just like you, I need more! “Cum” to me, boys & girls! Let me see these ever-so-much-fun games! Teach me! Let me clap and laugh and delight in your accomplishments. Bring me along with you. There is no more fun game for me right now.