You dear foot festishists are a breed all your own and it is so very much fun to play with you.


Foot Job Styles

There are those of you who merely want to have a foot on your thigh or a toe touching your balls while you stroke. Yet, more of you are a little more interactive, wanting to have my toes curled around your dick and stroking you with them.  A few of you have very particular fetishes… being used as a pedal in a car or the pedals of an organ or piano. I love doing those Scenes as well; different allows both of us to stimulate our brains and bodies together.

Each of you has a distinct preference for bare feet (clean or dirty) and others strongly prefer stockings. All of these are easy to accommodate.

When I get someone who loves foot and toe jobs on the phone, I am able to verbally reenact real life foot jobs I have done, sharing the details from the lotion’s scent and smoothness to how your cock feels between my feet and toes. I know, first hand, that sliding feeling and how to encourage your dick to get harder and harder.

And My Toes!


I can spread my toes w i d e apart, able to pick up a D battery between my big and second toe. I love to take smaller dicks and squish them inbetween my toes… or with a larger cock, pinch the head and maybe squeeze out some pre-cum for you to taste?

It’s fun to use my toes on your balls, too. Dancing on them, tippy-toes, or squishing them as I roll my toes curled closed with your tender sacs inside them.

But Those Arches


You know how awesome that feels, right? My silky-smooth arches encircling your shaft… sliding up and down… slowly (or quickly!)… stroking you in that awesome way you adore. I love when you put your hands on either side of my feet, feeling the tension move as I shift the muscles, softer and lighter, depending on your need (and hunger).

Ahhh, But Where to Cum?


That is something we can decide together when we talk. I am game for anywhere, actually. Feet, tits, face, your feet, hands… and what you do with that cum… well, we can figure that out, too.

I do hope to talk to you boys soon!

wiggling my toes even now