I am deLIGHTed that so many of my boys and girls are figuring out what a Fag Hag I really am.


Even though I do not identify as heterosexual, but Sapiosexual on an LGBTQ spectrum, I have, as you know if you’ve dug deep enough in this blog, hung out with gay men since I was 17-years old. I even lived with 8 at one time, sitting on the couch as they sucked and fucked each other and their tricks, teaching me the nuances of a good blow job and how to relax as a cock slides into your ass.

(This was the olden days when Crisco was the lube of choice for gay boys. We have certainly come a long way, thank goodness.)



This isn’t news to most of you, my being a Fag Hag, but I wanted to say it out loud, here in my blog for several reasons.

I really want you to know that I KNOW.

I know the hunger for a dick in the mouth. I know exactly that aching need to feel cum squirting in your mouth and drizzling down your throat. I know the craving for a cock in the ass. I know the drive to find dick wherever you can sometimes.


I have had more cocks in my body’s holes than I can count. (Yes, yes, I am a slutty whore!) When we talk, you damn well know I know what I am talking about. From talking you through how to suck cock the first time to bending over and taking a telephone pole-sized dick in your virgin ass… I’ve got plenty of information (and education!) for you. (Safe or Bare, either one.)

No Fear!

You never have to be embarrassed talking to me… telling me your secrets… your deepest wishes. There isn’t one thing I haven’t heard dozens of times… or seen hundreds more. I know the Bathhouses. I know Glory Holes. I know Movie Theaters.

You cannot scare me with your perverse (but normal!) desires for cock and cum.

I promise.