Through trial and error, I have devised a surefire way to get you to eat that cum you’ve craved for so long but have not been able to gulp down yet.



Why Can’t I Get It Down?!

You’ve tried and tried… and tried again… to eat your cum. You’ve called Mistress after Mistress… gone on Cam… bargaining with yourself, bargaining with us… even defying our commands to “EAT IT NOW!” – hanging up the second you orgasm. (We know your tricks, dude.) You are puzzled beyond words why you crave the cum before you start jacking off, still do while you are stroking… and then the moment you finish ejaculating, it is like someone turned a light switch off and the thought of cum in your mouth is almost repulsive.

What the fuck is going on?!

There is a biochemical mechanism that some men have that allows them to crave eating their own cum, but only before they orgasm. Once the orgasm ends, the urge is gone. Vanishes. Poof! And the thought of eating cum can seem revolting even though a moment before, it was all you could think of.

Because so many still call begging for me to coerce them into eating cum, but who hang up the second they orgasm, I have devised a solution that seems to work for at least some of you.


Cum Eating Success

I’ve found if you masturbate and collect the cum, either earlier that day or in the day or two before, you can refrigerate it for use later. Before your next masturbation session, take the cum out of the fridge and let it come to room temperature.

When you are ready for your next jack off session, have that shot glass of cum sitting next to you. Then, as you are stroking and feeling that intense urge, pick up the glass and slam it down as if you are shooting tequila.

Doing it that way allows you to feed that intense hunger while still allowing your body it’s biochemical responses of after-orgasm vanishing act.


You did it!

Now that you have tasted… and swallowed… your own cum, now you can actively work towards doing so with the fresh cum from your present orgasm.

Be sure to tell me how it goes… I’m waiting to hear!