One of the more exquisite parts of calling us girls at LDW is you get to let your imagination – and complete perversions- fly free.


The Fantasy

Most of us Mistresses have heard it all. I promise. I tell my clients: You can’t scare me. Of course, LDW does have guidelines within which we are permitted to entertain, but it would take a lot (and I mean a LOT) to scare me off.

You are free to let your imaginations run wild here.

Want to suck cock in a Glory Hole? Off we go together! Want to cheat on your wife and be discovered? Yes, yes, yes! Want to be tied to a chair and made to watch your wife get fucked by her big, black Bull? We can absolutely do that. Want to feel a Mistress deep in your ass? Oh, yes indeed. Thoughts of sex (of all kinds) without a condom? Absolutely.

It is an awesome privilege and joy to be a part of your fantasies. I love hearing the snippet of what turns you on, then weaving you your own personal story of debauchery.

Fantasies are so much fun! No judgement. No limitations to your dreams and desires. Complete freedom!


The Reality

Believe me, we Mistresses are very aware of the reality of your day-to-day lives. Marriage, kids, hard work, not able to share your kinks and fetishes with anyone because you are sure they will divorce you and take the kids with them if they find out.

You might be able to sneak wearing panties once in awhile. You might have a vibrator hidden deep in an old box that you dig out when everyone goes to work and school. But the more graphic desires live only on the computer (where you clear the History every time you log off) and in your mind.

reality (1)

In real life, you may never suck a cock, attend a Sex Party or be flogged at a Dungeon. Even given the opportunity to never be discovered, many of you might be unwilling (or unable) to step over the line, making your fantasy a reality. In your mind, the elaborate scenarios make your dick hard and send you to massive orgasms. But the thought of really doing those things might be repulsive, disgusting or so forbidden, you know you could never ever do it.

And, for fuck’s sake, that is perfectly fine!

No Worries


No matter where you fall in the Fantasy vs. Reality spectrum, I encourage you to just enjoy where you are. If things shift, awesome! If they don’t, at least you will always have those perverted, deliciously twisted thoughts to fall back on.

And you know we are here 24 hours a day to play with your mind to your cock’s content.