I love Sexy Texting. Have been texting since I climbed onto the Internet in 1995.


What Is Sexy Texting?

When you are in a place where you cannot talk out loud, but the urge to cum overtakes you, a wonderful solution is Sexy Texting… writing online with your Mistress. All you need is a keyboard and Trillian (username: DAPHNE) and/or Skype (username: DAPHNE ENCHANTRIX [there are 2 of them, send a request to both!]) installed. (We used to also use Yahoo Instant Messenger, but Yahoo fucked it up, so I am not using it anymore.)

First, before we begin your session, we will chat for a few minutes so I can learn about your kinks and/or fetishes. I love to know things like: What kind of porn do you watch? Or what was your last masturbation fantasy. These pieces of information give me a window into your mind and makes it easier for me to devise a story specifically geared to you.

Then you will pay for your session… come back and tell me the email address you used to pay… I get it approved… and then we start!


Can I Really Get Off Just With Texting?

Abso-fucking-lutely! Ask my dozens of Sexy Text-only clients.

I am a real woman back here behind the (computer’s) glass. I have real life experiences. I’ve been a writer my whole life. (You’re already reading my blog, so have a clue about me already!) I am a crazy twisted, Sadistic cunt who can weave some deliciously wicked tales that will make your dick swell, strain… then release.

Ahhhh, release. What you quietly needed in the first place, right?

Let’s chat!