I recently went to a Sex Party and had some FUN… before the fun REALLY began… ON THE SYBIAN!

Pre-Sybian Sex

I did eat lots of pussy.

I jacked off several men, a couple cumming on my hand and tits. (And I scooped it up and sucked it noisily for all to see.)

I tried out a wide variety of sex toys (one man demonstrating them on me as half a dozen men watched and stroked).

Sybian Slut

But the absolute most fun was when I was finally introduced to the Sybian. Holy fuck, was that thing awesome.


If you’ve never seen one, or seen one in action, I am here to tell you it is one of the most deLIGHTful sex toys I have ever put my cunt on.


A Sybian, or Sybian saddle, is a masturbation device primarily designed for use by women. It consists of a saddle-like seat containing an electric motor, gearbox speed reducer, and mechanism connected to a rod that protrudes from a hole in the top center. Various attachments can be added to the rod, which vibrates, rotates and may also stimulate the clitoris externally. The intensity of the movements produced can be increased or decreased through a control box attached to the Sybian’s base.”

In other words, it is the ultimate sex toy for an orgasm slut like me.

Gettin’ On (or OFF) On the Sybian!

The owner of the Sybian was more than glad to set it up for me, first on the bed, but it was too unstable, so we moved it to the floor. As you can see in the picture, it has a dick on it. The one I used was a life-like dildo, about 7-inches long. The gentleman slipped a condom on it and said, “Jump on!”


I lifted my right leg and swung it over the machine, while holding the dildo, sliding my cunt onto it before I lowered my knee onto the floor. I was on both knees, dildo inserted, and the fun began.

The man took control over the remote, first turning on the cock in a rotating motion. I pondered for about 30 seconds and then said, “Nope, not doing a thing. How about turning that part off and let’s vibrate instead.”

He started low and I told him to turn it up more and he zoomed its speed up so fast I screamed, “SLOW IT THE FUCK DOWN!” so he did and I gave directions, “More. More. A little less” until I felt the right… attitude.

Riding Into Bliss

I settled my weight onto the saddle, my knees hard on the floor, and I drifted off into orgasm dreamland.


I began sighing at first, rocking back and forth on the dick (much better than the swirling motion from before), and then saw one of the women whose pussies I’d licked earlier getting fucked on the bed right next to me. She was also having a cumming good time. I reached out and held her hand as our voices, in unison, began moaning… soft at first, then louder and louder. And louder. I barely had any perception of who was in the room, but heard someone say, “Oh my god, these girls have packed the room!” I looked up and saw about 20-25 people watching, several of them stroking, stroking. I smiled and fell back into my own ecstasy.

Sybian Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

Besides my hand holding my new pussy friend, I was consumed with the rolling orgasms coursing through my body. One after another. I would cum, breathe for a few moments and then another would build, flowing over me once again.

I have zero clue how long I rode that fuck machine, but I finally screamed, “GET ME OFF! I’m going to faint from cumming so much!” The room laughed as the man slowed the machine down, stopping it and then helping me off and onto the bed next to my fucking friend. I suckled on her nipple, resting and listening to her screaming orgasms… distant in my awareness. (Later I said, “I loved singing with you.” The folks in the room laughed at that.)

My breathing slowed and I purposefully breathed deeply, centering my Self once again.

I cannot wait to climb onto that Sybian again.

dreamy look in my eyes

Sybian Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975