Many of you, if not most, never speak about your Significant Other. I sometimes hear about a former one after a divorce, especially if it pertains to your kink or fetish (and that makes me quite sad that something so healthy ended a marriage, but that’s a topic for another day).

So when a client shares stories… fantasies… that incorporate one’s partner, I find them especially delicious.

Playful Fantasies

Your Fantasies


One of the most common fantasies is Cuckolding. You submissive men tell me about your intense desire to watch your wife pleased by another man, usually one with a much bigger cock than yours. I have helped couples fulfill this exact fantasy, but for most men, it remains within the realm of the mind (and cock). Talking you through the experience is so much fun. Because I know it first-hand, I can totally tell you the sights, sounds, smells… and if you are going to clean your partner up, even the tastes. That you get off on imagining another man’s cock inside your wife’s pussy is so exciting… turns me on something crazy.


You who have called know I laugh my ass off at your embarrassment and humiliation. I think it is absolutely hilarious to hear your shame about your dicklet or your inability to satisfy your wife.

So when you bring her in as part of your fantasies, it is especially delicious for me. Having her fucked by several men while you watch or, even more amusing, having you fucked while she watches in horror and disgust. To watch the ecstasy on your face as a man pumps his cock in your pussy-ass while she’s tied to a chair, your head on her lap, a mirror set up so she can see that huge cock sliding in and out of your ass… her screaming “Faggot!” and “Fucking Queer!

Mind Fuck

Isn’t that the most fun thought you’ve had in a long time?

Your Twisted Fantasies Starring Your SO

There are many, many more fantastic fantasies that I would love to hear (and maybe even write about). Whisper your deepest desires and thoughts you are terrified to share with your wife… because you know she would fucking leave you within the hour. I, on the other hand, will just laugh my ass off… and bring you to the most unbelievable orgasm you’ve felt in a very long time.