Living in Miami, I typically wear open-toed sandals or wedge-heeled shoes. It’s just so darned hot! However, when I know I am going to be meeting with one of you delightful foot fetish boys or girls, I am devilish and will throw on some pantyhose or stockings before heading out for the day.

Foot Worship Slut

One of the BDSM Dungeons I go to has the coolest purple chair and ottoman especially for foot worship.

Foot Worship Throne

Foot Worship Throne

I love sitting there, feet propped up on the ottoman, waiting for one of the foot fetish sluts to come Serve me.

It doesn’t take long because once a Mistress sits on “The Throne,” folks know what to do from there.

Crawling towards me is a naked man and I smile knowing I will soon be feeling his mouth… and tongue… on my feet. As he edges closer, I move my feet, in stockings and luscious black patent leather Mary Janes with 5-inch heels, back and forth, taunting him; I’d love to see him drool.

He lowers his head to the ground, ass in the air, stretching his arms out in front of him. A wonderful bow of submission. I tell him to rise and he lifts up, still kneeling, and waits for my instructions.

“Would you like to service me somehow?”

He smiles as he lowers his eyes onto the objects of his desire.

Christian Louboutin Mary Janes

Christian Louboutin Mary Janes

Suck It, Bitch

Over the next hour, this little foot slut kissed, licked and sucked his way from the outside of one shoe, then the other… proceeding to making love to each heel (essentially giving it head!)… and finally removing the pumps and moving on to my (wet & stinky) stocking’d feet.

I laughed my head off the entire time, telling him how twisted he was to crave that sweat and body odor. He didn’t skip a beat and sucked as if on his mama’s teet.

At one point, I asked for one of my shoes… the right one. He stopped slobbering on my foot and handed it to me immediately.

“Continue,” I commanded… and he went right back to his task.

I pondered, looking at the shoe. Hmmm… I bet this trashy slut could take a bit more than just worshipping my shoes and feet. I kicked the boy away and he fell backwards, looking at me shocked. I told him to put my shoes back on… he did without hesitation. My feet were sopping wet, but I felt evil enough I didn’t remotely care.

Claiming What is Rightfully Mine

I told the boy to turn around and present properly. I took the shoe off myself, then reached down and pulled out an antiseptic wipe and meticulously cleaned off the heel. Then I took some lube and stroked that heel as if it were my cock.

I slipped the shoe back on, looked at that sweet puckering asshole… and cackled hilariously as my heel met his flesh.