I began writing this post before June 12, 2016 when the Pulse shooting in Orlando occurred. I am hyper-aware of the apprehension… worries… even terror… several of you have already expressed to me… with thoughts of something similar happening while you are out-of-town dressed to the nines. I could not possibly discuss this distress in this post, but I will, most assuredly, address your fears of being outed in another post as soon as possible. 

A Lifetime of Sissy Planning

I know many of you sissies, Cross Dressers and transwomen have a record of buying and purging your feminine clothes, wigs, make-up and lingerie… sometimes several times. I also know that as much as I want you to find acceptance in your female-Self, you might continue the cycle periodically… whether on your own or being forced to.

But what if you had a solution that would keep your things separate from your regular male life? What if you could be sure no one would find your things, even if you fell over dead in the house or had to be hospitalized after a car accident or something similarly tragic?

One of my callers, through decades of trial and error, has some solutions that I knew I had to share with you girls! I listened mesmerized by the level of detail she has constructed to keep her family from ever knowing her secret side.

I want to reiterate: This is a lifetime of experience, a person with financial means and the capability to maneuver in ways some of you might not be able to at the stage of life you are in now. I write this so you might consider implementing what you are able to… taking the ideas and running with them and tailoring them to your own needs.

Looking at the Details

Post Office Box

PO Box

PO Box

This is the first thing I encourage you girls to get. You can have toys sent here, any magazines, clothes or correspondence with others here. Even if you are single and living alone, a separate address from your home is a really good idea. Having a PO Box is a step-away from your vanilla life, one that can be a positive mental shift towards accepting… and embracing… your sissy self.

Cell Phone


My sissy-friend has a separate cell phone specifically for her female needs. Getting pre-paid phones is an awesome idea.

Separate Sissy Computer

Separate Computer

Separate Computer

My sissy-friend has a completely different computer for her feminine self. She uses it when she orders her clothes, schedules her out-of-town visits (including when she connects with others), making hotel and dining reservations and anything that has to do with her sissy-self.

Have a Separate Bank Account

Separate Bank Account

Separate Bank Account

Not only does she have a separate account, but hers is out-of-state. It is in her birth name, but she keeps everything associated with the account separate from her regular life.

Separate Debit Card

Separate Credit Card

Separate Credit Card

Connected with the out-of-state bank account is a debit card. However, she also pays with cash as much as possible. The less the paper trail the better.

Storage Unit


Sissy Closet (Storage Unit)

This has to be, hands-down, the most clever idea of all… something I had never thought of or heard about before. I’m terribly excited to share it with y’all.

My dear sissy-friend has properly arranged a private storage unit with her female goodies… from lingerie and shoes to dresses and stockings. Look at the clothing rack to keep her clothes clean and neat! See the several-drawer plastic tower in the back left? The perfect place for lingerie to be kept spotless and not wrinkly. The storage bins hold a wide variety of goodies including make-up, wigs and sex toys.

What she doesn’t show is her grab-n-go bag… the loosely-stocked satchel with goodies she can put on during spontaneous moments when the house is empty for awhile. She also tucks her used delicates in there so she can wash them while she has a few moments to herself. (So domestic!)

My friend also keeps her sissy-computer, cell phone and credit card in the unit as well. All in a locked briefcase.

With a storage unit, you can go as simple or as luxurious as you want. Basic ones, pretty inexpensive, might not be accessible 24-hours a day and are probably outside. The more expensive they are, the more they cater to your needs. If you want 24-hour access, it being indoors and air conditioned, you can have that as well… for a price, of course. My friend pays cash for her storage unit. As usual, the less paper trail, the better.

Sending Supplies Ahead


When my girlfriend is heading out-of-town, she goes to the storage unit and packs up what she wants to use while away. This most certainly takes some serious thought and planning… and keeping a meticulously neat closet can help that happen more easily… but is worth it in the end.

Instead of packing her girly things in the suitcase bound for inspection at the airport, she ships her supplies to the hotel where she will be staying (something hotels are quite used to – they will hold your boxes for your arrival). When returning, she ships her boxes back home to her PO Box, where they will stay safe until she can transport them back to the closet for unpacking, cleaning and storing the new goodies she bought while away.


As you can see, this all takes amazing planning and organization. My sweet sissy-friend didn’t develop this extensive plan overnight. Not everyone has these skills, but they can be learned. It took her years… and an intense desire never to purge again. 

As we know, purging happens for a wide variety of reasons, but the most common one is being terrified of being discovered. However, if your things are not hidden all over the house and and you suddenly are incapacitated, you can rest assured that no one will go poking around and finding things they have no business looking for in the first place. 

You see, too, that the complete picture can take a good deal of money. Please don’t ever put yourself in debt! Do what you can when you can do it. As you get older and more settled in a career, you can add to your plan.

I would love to hear from you all about what you think of these ideas. Do-able? Something you will implement? I really hope this has helped in some small way. You know I love you girls!