Mistress Cocktease Lets You Not Cum

I want to thank Ms. Daphne for having me guestpost on her blog. She does know what a true cocktease I am!

Back In The Cockteasing Mood

Now that we finished off with Masturbation May, and are back to denial or delay and LOTS of teasing, I am getting back into the cockteasing groove.

DCP_3844 - CopySo many of you have called me, knowing I would tease you, and begged me to me cocktease you for such a long time! Oh it has been WONDERFUL! In truth, only a few special strokers have gotten a release! And only those with specific chastity schedules allowing the release have been that lucky!

It is horrible when I have been a creative cocktease, and you have been stroking for so long, following my guided masturbation instructions, begging me to let you cum, and all you hear is my laughing as you moan and beg, and I say, “No. Edge again.” Your balls get so blue and simply ache!

I Am Going to Tease A Load ALMOST Out Of You

I cocktease you for two reasons. The first is that it is so very much fun for me! Knowing how badly your balls just want to explode, but you will not do it unless I tell you you can. Knowing that I have that power of you gets me tingly!

Second, I know that teasing you makes that orgasm when I finally give permission, so much better that you will be back for more.

Don’t Make A Mess With That PreCum!

I know when you stroke so much, you make such a mess – precum flying everywhere! I think from now on, you shouldn’t make such a mess, so make sure you take every dribble and drip from that aching cock, and lick it right into your slutty mouth! Maybe one day I will make you eat cum!

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