On June 1, 2015, I started working here at LDW. I started working “the phones” a mere 6-weeks before that. Am I ever thankful I found LDW!! Mistress Ally and all the Mistresses, Dispatchers, Office folks… everyone has been nothing less than amazing this entire year.

And you clients! How could I even utter a breath about LDW without having you included. You boys & girls are the best, the most entertaining, the joys of my days and nights. Thank you for calling and spending so much time with me. It is always a delight to be with you all.

So, to thank you for your generous gifts of time with me, I want to give something back to you!

(Keep reading below the picture!)


When you call me in June, the first 30-minute call you make qualifies you to receive a FREE 3-minute Audio made just for you! After our call, you can shoot me an email to offer an idea for your unique Audio.

Want me to use a special name? Refer to an item of clothing? Or do you want me to just wing it and come up with my own twist on your personality?

I cannot wait to do these Audios for you all! I know they will be so much fun.

Let the calls begin!