Thanks usually come at the end, but I feel compelled to thank Mistress Fiona at the outset for her wonderful post about Tantric Sex in our various communities here at LDW. She embraces all sexes and genders, something not often done in the Tantric community. Even if this isn’t something you think will interest you (or turn you on), please read anyway! Many of us Mistresses are Mindfulness Meditators and enjoy the more “energetic” types of sexual experiences. We know that you will find great joy in your own explorations. 

And to put a tiny (sexual) carrot out there for you… Tease & Denial are, most assuredly, Tantric in its most basic form. Ask any man who “rides the wave of the Edge” for any length of time.

Thank you again, Ms. Fiona… just awesome!

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Various Meanings and Myths of Tantra Sex Part 1

(the rest in the Mystical Merging Series is coming soon on


Myth: Tantra is too confusing and intimidating to explore!

It can feel that way at first but let’s just break down a few basics.

-The history of Tantric sex is a very broad term that encompasses more than one definition hence why it can feel so hard to grasp.-The origin of the word “Tantra” is Sanskrit for “loom or weaving”. Just like the uniting of two energetically charged life forces that “channel the divine energy of the macrocosm or godhead into the human microcosm,” Tantric teachings also bring together many different forms, teachings, methodologies, and meditative rituals that have both ancient Indian traditions and neo-western interpretations.

-A few examples of some of these erotic culminations and collections of communities and belief systems are Pre-Vedic, Hindu, Shamanic, Yogic, Buddhist.

-Pretty Heady sounding? Yes, but the good news is it’s less about the meaning more about the doing. There are a few fun ways to play and ponder with your lover(s) some of the main principles and roles to add some serious spice to not just your sexual being but your partners as well which will be highlighted in Part 2 on my blog.

Myth: Tantra is only worth doing for attaining intense orgasms and marathon sex romps.

Truth: The co-creating process of bonding with your partner as a divine being, & experiencing the exchange loving expressions of sacred sexually is more of the guiding principle in Tantra. However, elongated orgasms and longer lasting  intensive pleasure is often a wonderful side effect of your mutual pursuit of attaining this interactive enlightenment 😉

Myth: The LGBT community is left out of Tantra completely.



“Tantra is a practice of being fully alive. Dualistic thinking obscures the wide spectrum of direct experience. If we categorize the world into masculine and feminine, black and white, inside and outside, gay and straight…we miss out on a wide range of possible experiences that are fluidly shifting between spirit and form.

Some tantric traditionalists implore that there must have a polarity between Masculine and Feminine (Shiva/Shakti) when practicing tantra. Through the years I’ve been to many old school rituals where gay and lesbian and trans couples are not allowed to practice with same sex partners. I am happy to say that the trend is evolving towards more inclusion and sexual fluidity. Modern Tantra teachers are realizing -that the deepest tantric practices are the solo practice of cultivating the Shiva/Shakti within. One of my fundamental teachings is a deep esoteric marriage between one’s inner God and Goddess.” -Kamala Devi

Kamala Devi and Queer Tantra are wonderful to investigate online and to find local practitioners and more info. There are many neo-tantric options for EVERYBODY.


Thank you Ms. Daphne for letting me guest blog -you are an amazing and sexy Goddess! XOXOX –Fiona