I wrote about my experience playing with Mistress Lilly a few weeks ago… when I bottomed to her as she bound me with her ropes.

Mistress Lilly Ties Me UP!

“I swayed with the feelings of being embraced… held rigidly within the bonds of… friendship? Mistress-hood? It seemed, at least for the Scene, more than that. I hesitate to use the word ‘love,’ but it was close to that.”

And now, the angelic-voiced Ms. Lilly has written the story from her viewpoint.

Knotty Fun with Ms Daphne

She says, in part,:

“The soft sounds of her breathing and the sweet moans of pleasure and anticipation as I wound ropes around her breasts, her torso, her arms, and her waist were music to my ears.”

Be sure to visit her site and read the whole story. How wonderful it was for me to hear her version of the same experience.