In A BDSM Spanking Scene, I wrote about taking my subbie friend Paula and bending her over the spanking bench, then spanking her bottom with my hand and then a wooden hairbrush.

I ended that post with:

Once Paula’s butt and thighs were sufficiently warmed up… as the lovely red glow demonstrated… I went to the implement tray and chose my favorite impact toy: the cane.

 Implement Shift: Caning

Caning Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

I circled Paula’s lovely body that was curved over the spanking bench, gauging how “used” she was at that point. I leaned over and asked her how she was doing, talking softly in her ear. She mumbled she was okay. I could tell she was some fucked up high from the previous two Scenes (the hand and brush spanking), but she was still coherent enough that I knew she could take more. Even though we had never played before, she explained, during our negotiations, that she becomes completely non-verbal when she falls into subspace. It is when that happens, that I as the Top, become hyper-vigilant to her safety and needs.

I ran my hand through her hair, tapping the cane on my leg as I leaned over to kiss the back of her neck. I dragged my fingernails, softly, over her back and, even though the light was dim in the room, I was aware of her goosebumps. I smiled and smacked my calf a little harder with the cane so she could hear it, knowing her own caning was coming soon. I came to her blushing bottom, her lovely fleshy ass and I ran my hand over it, sweeping my fingers down down down… and down into her spread thighs. She was sweaty wet there, and I used it to my advantage. I slid my hand deeper inside her folds and found her labia… pushed further forward… and touched her clit. As I delved into her sex, she moaned audibly and spread her legs as far as she could, encouraging me to keep going.

She needn’t have worried. I wasn’t going to stop.

Unfolding to the Cane

Caning Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

I stroked her clit gently, then began the not-so-secret circles all women know, then flicking the padded part of my finger over and over her now-swollen clit. I bent my head down and took a good amount of her flesh in my mouth, making love to her ass with my lips and teeth, encouraging her to cum as if she was inside my mouth. I knew she was right there. Right on that edge. I bit down a little bit harder, right on those reddened places… and she burst her orgasm onto my fluttering finger, her wet and sweat dripping onto the palm of my hand.

I walked back around, stroked her cheek with my wet hand… wet with her wetness… and I told her what a good girl she was for me… and thanked her for her gift. Then I pushed my dripping fingers into her mouth, and she immediately suckled, licking my fingers voraciously. “That’s my precious girl,” I whispered in her ear.

I asked her if she was ready and she nodded yes. Her breathing was still accelerated but was slowing down nicely.

I clicked the cane on my leg once again as I walked behind my lovely bottom. Ha! Her lovely bottom!

I drew back. Far back. No more easy stuff. This was going to fucking hurt. I felt my own cunt open thinking about how delicious this was going to be.

Caning’s Impact

I swung the cane, and it whistled through the air.

And then it hit.


Her delicious abundance rippled, almost in slow motion as the cane fell deep into her fleshiness before bouncing back up and off her skin again. An amazingly luscious double stripe that was left where the cane had fallen less than a second before. I watched the welt lift. Her bottom, brilliantly alive with motion and color. I was a painter, splashing the (nearly) blank canvas with an evolving spectrum of colors.

Caning Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

Note double stripes of the cane.

Blush to red to crimson to purple.

It was magical watching the evolution!

Time stopped. The room fell away. There was only one of us in the room; Paula and I. We began our möbius strip*, flowing in and out, around and around, swirls of throws and contacts.

It was transcendent.

I soared in Top Space and, checking in periodically with my object of devotion; I knew she had fallen deep into subspace. Endorphins flew as if they were starlings during murmuration.

Caning Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

Starling murmuration

Shimmering Conclusion

Suspecting I would fall out of touch with time (but not my bottom… never with my bottom), I’d arranged for a DM to signal when 30 minutes had passed since my first swing of the crop. It seemed mere seconds before he came into my view and called the Scene. I was so glad I’d thought ahead to have someone watch the time.

I stepped back and took a look at my handiwork. It was gorgeous. Double stripes of several shades of red and purple.

Caning Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975


As I had done throughout the Scene, I smoothed my hands over my sub- friend’s skin, letting her know she was not alone and that I was with her. Completely and totally with her. I went to her head, stroked her wet, curly blonde hair, grabbed a handful of it, pulled her head up and looked into her eyes.

She was fucked. up. Good goddess, I could have climbed into her pupils they were so enlarged. She radiated energy as if she was one of those ancient paintings that showed the Holy Family with halos around their heads. Stunningly beautiful.

With help, we unshackled Paula and half-carried her to the platform specifically set up in the darkest corner for Aftercare.

Caning Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

For over an hour, a male submissive and I nursed sweet Paula’s body, attending to the marks with cool water and aloe, making sure she had juice and later, something to eat. I cuddled and cooed my bottom, bringing her back to the present time. As she and I both came back into our bodies from our respective highs, we talked about the Scene, replaying parts we both found especially joyful/painful. I knew we would talk about our mutual experience many times as we processed the Scene. (There often is no set end to Aftercare.)

I held Paula close for as long as she needed me to. Our breathing synchronized. The möbius strip, continuing onward.

Caning Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

*Möbius Strips & BDSM

Möbius Strips remind me of the interplay between the Top/bottom, Domme/sub in a BDSM Scene. A möbius strip is a mathematical wonder. Not a thing, per se, but a concept. It is a one-sided plane, which, when turned on itself, remains one-sided. It is magical! They are one when deep in the Scene, even though they look like two people, sometimes separated by considerable space (as in a flogging). However, the two are in a dance with each other… a Tango when the Scene is going beautifully… and it is this dance that reminds me of the möbius strip.

Caning Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975