I almost titled the post “Alone on Valentine’s Day,” but I figured if we were all here together, we weren’t really alone, right?

broken heart

We could feel all butt hurt, reliving all those broken heart loves in our past… breaking apart just like that heart above. You know, the loves that left us in a billion pieces, our faces sobbing in the carpet while we played “our song” over and over again.

We could replay the anger, the hurt, the betrayal sie foisted upon us, but what the heck good does that do? It makes us nothing but miserable.

Full Single Life

Instead, why don’t we spend some time today loving our Selves instead!


What does “Self-Love” look like?

Do I mean masturbation? Well, sure. This is a sex site anyway, right?

You might have a date with yourself… light some candles, order in a nice dinner, take a bubble bath… and then set yourself up on the bed (with clean sheets!) and turn on your favorite sex videos and enjoy yourself.


Take your time. Make love to yourself. Treat your body as you wish a lover would. No one knows your body as well as you do. Explore all the different ways you find pleasure.

If you haven’t played with your bottom in awhile, bring out that butt plug from the drawer. Lube it up as if you were stroking a loved one’s cock or pussy. Then s l i d e it in slowly. Feel it as it fills you in that forbidden place.

Maybe you crave being tied with rope… and you happen to have some laying around. Wind it around your ankles, enjoy the binding feeling… and then tug… try and pull your ankles apart. And stroke, feeling the taut rope on your feet as you do.

be good to yourself

No matter how you choose to make love to yourself, enjoy it. Relish it. Embrace it. Find your inner lover. And let hir loose!

From me, Mistress Daphne, enjoy your day. If you want some delightful company, do call! I would love to be your girlfriend for awhile.

Happy Valentine’s Day… to YOU!

Listen to the Audio HERE!