Hole-eee CRAP!

I almost flipped when I read Mistress EmmaJane’s post she wrote about me!!


Multiple Mistress Phone Sex Fun, Femdom Bonding, and More!

“In getting to know this awesome woman, I realized immediately that she was one wild and kinky woman! Of course, I adored her immediately for this, and an instant sense of sisterhood, wherein hedonism, wild abandon, eroticism, and all things cock control and cum-eating rule.

Not only is she a phenomenal woman, but she is an exceptional Mistress, possessing that magical blend of qualities that make her stand out in a crowd as a multifaceted, effective, commanding, and caring Femdom AND a VERY witty, kind, and authentic human being.”

Can you see me blushing like a fool!?

Well, I am just as smitten with EmmaJane and can’t wait to reciprocate with a blog post about her!

laughing and loving it