A profound business principle is commonly attributed to Mohandas Gandhi. We’ll just assume it was Gandhi for the sake of argument. (For the real story, read to the end and follow the link.)

Our beloved Mistress Ally sent the wonderful statements to all of us Mistresses at LDW, reminding us who really is The Boss.

Who IS the Boss?

And that is YOU! Our amazing clients.

I won’t speak for LDW or any other Mistresses, but will speak from my heart.

I have only been here since June 2015, but being with you guys and gals and others has been some of the most wonderful fun for me. I feel so blessed to have found my way to LDW and her clients.

So, while I know others join me in the same beliefs, I want to, personally, thank you for being here for and with us. You give us a reason to show up each day!

You all are an extreme delight, are endlessly fascinating and, I know for me at least, give me a run for my money intellectually-wise. You keep me on my pretty pedicured toes!

Here is the principle:


We couldn’t have written it any better if we’d have crafted it ourselves.

Thank you for coming to LDW! We are forever grateful.

thank you

(To follow the steps of the attribution trail, read The Quote Investigator’s proof of who really said these fantastic words first.)

Listen to the Audio HERE!