palm tree

Sitting in the back yard, looking at the Palm Tree filled with lights, my mind started to wander.

I turned and saw you in the kitchen, getting the finishing touches on our Christmas Night dinner completed. You are still in your jeans and brown leather belt. Barefoot. Bare chested. You’ll be heading up for a shower soon. And then into your tux. Goddess, I love you dressed so beautifully. You will, of course, wear the cock ring I laid out for you on the bed next to your crisp white shirt.

No underwear tonight.

I want to be able to reach in easily.

Or send someone else fetching my toy you keep in your pants.

I was going to wear my red sequined dress; we would be the most striking couple at our party.

red dress


With my red sequined heels.

red shoes


But for now, I was in a white tank top tee shirt and bikini bottoms. Damn, it was hot this Christmas. Thank goodness for air conditioning!

I looked up at the palm tree again and thought, “Hrm. I wonder….”


And I got up and went to the spare bedroom where we still had boxes of Christmas decorations we weren’t going to use this year. I went through box after box, now on a mission, not finding what I wanted over and over. I just tossed the unwanted boxes aside. Near the back of the room, I thought I saw what I was looking for. I scootched through the piles of boxes and opened the flap of the one I wanted. Yes! That was what I was looking for!

Christmas Lights


I held the string of lights in my hand… fondled them, really. I pondered. Would they be dangerous? I Googled it. Nothing came up. Surely I couldn’t be the first person to think of this.

Debating whether to move forward or not, I just ran with the fantasy, unsure if it would ever come to fruition.

After dinner, I would take you, still in your tuxedo, and have you do a striptease for our guests. I’d put on Deck the Halls and make you stroke every time we sang, “Fa la la la la, la la la la!”

Once you were completely naked, I would lean you over the sofa arm, Christmas lights in hand (unlit), and start threading them into your ass. I’m so glad I found these old-fashioned ones; the LED ones would poke you mercilessly.

One by one, I push them in and our friends applaud with each one you take into your ass. I feel your knees shaking. You hate electrical play and are unsure if that’s what this game is all about or not. I don’t deny or confirm the unfolding of my plan. I love you worried sick.

Amusingly, even as you are scared, I take a peek and your cock is hard! I laugh and point it out to our friends and neighbors. They all laugh at how turned on you are by anal play. I see you’re wet and scoop it off the head of your cock and push my fingers into your mouth to lick off. You slurp greedily. My good, good boy.

You ARE My Christmas Present!

Christmas Present


When all the lights are inside you, the plug with a half-a-foot of green wires left outside, I push you off the couch and make you crawl over to the wall socket. You remain on your hands and knees and everyone gathers around, sipping champagne, anticipating the show about to begin.

As I take the plug in my hand, you hold your breath. I push the tined end into the wall and you gasp, waiting for the shock. To be honest, I wait, too! I have no idea if this will electrocute you or not!

It doesn’t.

And now the party can really begin!

Slowly, I begin pulling on the green cord and, one by one, a LIT Christmas bulb pops out of your ass!

Christmas Light Bulb


“Pretty!!” someone exclaims… and the applause that began earlier, really takes on a new energy. We all laugh and clap our hands, almost in rhythm to each POP of a light bulb. You look hilarious and, at the same time,  so colorful!

After I’ve pulled the entire cord out, I bring you to a standing position and giggle that you are incredibly hard. “Stroke for me,” I tell you and you wrap your hand around that lovely cock and move it up and down as we all watch. It doesn’t take long before you are begging to cum and I tip a champagne flute up to the head of your dick and tell you to cum for me now.

On command, you start spurting into the crystal glass and, once again, applause breaks out. You’ve been such great entertainment! Once you have finished, I take the flute and tip it up to your lips and we all watch to make sure you sip every drop. Of course you do.

I bring you close to me, smelling your sweat and cum, and I kiss you deeply before thanking you profusely for being such a good boy and sending you upstairs to go get dressed. I want you as my date once again.

Another Christmas Party to remember.

Still pondering the reality of this. Why, I think it’s worth a try!

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