Sick of the relatives? Sick of Auntie Faye and Cousin Brian? This Thanksgiving bullshit annoying the hell out of you?

Then fucking call me already!!!

Get yourself out into the cold garage (“Gotta see about that oil can, dear!”) and CALL! Let’s have some quick, hard sex… one where you cum so hard, it hits the garage door (and you laugh about it every time you see it!).

Happily for you, LDW is celebrating the end of their 13th Anniversary Month with a great special!

$2.50 a minute OR $125 for an hour (use the Code Words: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!)


We can have some FUN… even if it’s just for a short call. I know you’ve been walking around thinking about something kinky. Wearing those heels over in the corner? Having the turkey baster shoved up your ass? Cumming on your sister’s best friend’s face? Or is it just getting yourself alone for half a second to rub one out (you Sissy, you!).

Well I know I want to hear you cum… and so would the other girls here at LDW. So, quit faking having a good time and CALL US for a REALLY good time!