What do YOU lick on Thanksgiving Day?





Or are you reading this on your phone while the family swirls around the house, wandering aimlessly, while you think about putting on those panties you have hidden in the car’s trunk.

Wouldn’t it be fun to sneak away and call me? Tell me what you really wish you were doing right now?

We could talk about the first time you came… how surprising it was to have ejaculation. Were you ever caught jacking off?

You could tell me all about raiding the hamper for your sister’s or mom’s pajamas and panties and how you masturbated wearing them.

We could figure out a way for you to start eating your own cum… graduating, if you want… to sucking cock and eating that cum.

I would love to hear what you think about when you masturbate. Old memories (“retrogasms”)? Or fantasies that will never be fulfilled.

Call me and let’s explore your kinky mind together! Make your day a REAL Happy Thanksgiving!

800-356-6169 and ask for Mistress Daphne!


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