Today is the most important day of the year for the Trans* community. This is the day we remember those who left us/were taken from us and vow to stay strong in the face of the difficulties that society foists on this community.

I feel very blessed to be so involved with the trans* community here at LDW. The Mistresses and I love our interactions with the transwomen, the sissies, the crossdressers and others who don’t fall into the binary gender system.

When you call, we take you for exactly who you are… in your feminine self, in your sometimes masculine self, in your pantied self… all of it is totally cool with us. You are amazing, however you present yourself!


Sexuality vs. Gender

It’s a common question if you girls (in boy’s bodies) like dick or like to be fucked: Am I gay? I am of the ilk who encourages folks to label themselves (if they choose to label themselves at all!). But, if you feel like a woman and like men, even if you have a man’s body, I believe you are heterosexual.

TDOR 2015

Here is an informative article about the importance of today.

Transgender Day Of Remembrance 2015: Important Facts To Read About The Gender Variant Community

While the piece seems somewhat sad and even depressing, it is why we girls at LDW love you so very much. We want you to stay alive! We believe you and what you say. You can trust us to be there for you. We have ideas for you to connect with other transfolks, we can help you learn how to find an endocrinologist for hormones or, if you choose to just dress as your True Self in the privacy of your own home… and share that with us… we are here for you.

Resilience. That is the keyword of today.