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The room was filled with gorgeous women in evening gowns, although a few were in tuxedos. Mmmm. Everyone was so beautiful.

We floated around the space, sipping quality champagne, clinking flutes with each other. Flirting was everywhere.


My lovely Sissy and I held hands and I led her to the back room… a very dark space with only a few candles lit… and thick, over-stuffed antique sofas. One had to know the room was even there to find it. My girl looked at me, slightly nervous, and I walked behind her and pressed my crotch against her ass. As soon as she felt my cock (that I’d hidden under my gown), she visibly relaxed. Then I reached up and dipped my fingers below the top of her gown, found her nipple and tweaked it delightfully hard. I felt her moan.

The Smells of Sex

As our eyes adjusted to the dimness, we began to see various couples… and trios (and quads?)… having sex around the room. My glamorous sissy clung to me tighter and I stroked her hand in comfort. We wandered slowly around the room, watching the others. Dresses falling off of shoulders, showing breasts. Taffeta skirts shoved upward, baring thighs with garters and fingers inside pussies.

The smell of sex pervaded the room; it was intoxicating.

Cock Hard

Then it was my turn. Her turn. Our turn.

I found an empty space on a carved wooden side table and shoved my girl against the edge. She stumbled a little and I just pushed her harder, making her reach for me. I leaned in and kissed her hard on her lips. I bit and tasted blood. She melted in my arms. I knew her lips would be sore tomorrow and I loved that thought. As I moved my mouth to her neck, leaving bruises as I nibbled, I simultaneously grabbed her gown and gathered the chiffon up and up and up until I could feel her flesh under my fingers. She was moaning and I felt myself getting wet between my thighs. This was certainly going to be fun.

My hand stroked her inner thigh. I loved feeling the silk stockings’ edge. From silk to silky thigh flesh. I felt another gush.


I spun her around so she was leaning on the table, arms extended, and I pushed her thighs apart with my knee. Those sweet panties were in my way, so I yanked them down with one hand, my other holding her hip.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a lovely blonde on her knees sucking the cock of a gorgeous red-head in a tuxedo. They were right next to us, watching intently. Another three women, breasts spilling out of their dresses and corsets, each of them fondling the other. If I wasn’t busy, I would have taken one of those nipples in my mouth and made love to it.

Instead, I had my Sissy in my hands, bare-assed and ready for whatever I wanted to do. I pressed my cock onto her ass. Oh yes, she knew exactly what was coming.

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