Tropical Storm Erika petered out, but has been dumping buckets of rain on Miami for a couple of days. It’s been dark in the house except for the one lamp I have on and the periodic flashes of lightning… that leads to the rocking thunder afterwards. I crawl down between the covers again and rub up against my lover’s back. It’s too soon to get out of bed.

I love rainy day sex. Languid and romantic, even with a fuck buddy, it can be a gently loving time together.

I lick his back, dragging my tongue several inches along his spine and feel the goose bumps raising on his flesh. I gently bite down and he moans. I run my fingers through his hair and then grab it and pull back slowly, kissing his neck, then nibbling there, too. I push my body up against his, my breasts against his back, my cunt against his yummy ass. We spoon, our musky scent from last night rising into the air as if an atomizer was spraying us around the room. Heady. I groan into his back and reach around for his cock. It’s already hard.

Mmmm… delicious.

I back up a little and roll my sweetheart towards me. His sweat smells fucking delicious and I gush wetness from my pussy knowing he is already wanting me. We are face to face, groin to groin, toes to toes. I open my legs and scootch in closer, taking his cock and maneuvering it towards my slit… then I let go and s l i d e it inside. We both moan at the same time as we feel that place of connectedness.

I don’t move.

Neither does he.

We relish this moment of oneness…

… and then we start rocking with each other, slowly at first, then faster and faster. Our bodies dance with each other, hearing a music no one else does in the world. We are the only ones in existence. And it feels heavenly.

With what feels like time flew by… but didn’t move at all at the same time… we orgasmed entwined in each other’s arms, sighing gently, feeling whole and complete. I kept his cock inside me until it slid out on its own, leaving his wetness mingled with mine. Facing each other, we kissed deeply, then fell asleep in each other’s arms.

I love having rainy day sex. So musky. So humid. So relaxing. So delicious. Thank you, Erika, for dropping by.