I went to a party a few weeks ago and had some seriously fun sex. Thought I’d share my experience with you all.


There is a ritual at sex parties where folks get to know each other before engaging… courting. It starts with introductions and pheromones start sparking between the members. Once the intros are finished, it’s time to “dress down,” removing street clothes and changing into lingerie or, for many folks, getting naked. The courting continues with men and women wandering slowly around the space, checking out the people already fucking, but looking sidelong at those they are interested in.

Sex in a Chair

Instead of courting the usual way, I decided to sit myself in a chair and see what bees I could attract with my flower. I was in a purple corset and matching satin panties and my long hair wrapped in a braid around my ponytail. I had black thigh high hose on that had lace around the top… and of course, my lovely black stiletto heels, all 5 inches of them. I pulled out this chair and sat my pretty ass in it. And waited for those bees.

Within moments, I had 2 men around me, delightful cocks out and hard already. I laughed happily and took a cock in each hand and started stroking them. I looked down and a lovely girl was at my feet. She grabbed my panties and started to pull them down. I lifted my butt a little bit and down they went. She took them off and then pushed my thighs apart and began to eat my pussy… like a pro! I scootched down lower and had a hard time concentrating on the dicks in my hands, but was having so much fun, I giggled in delight! 2 other guys came over and started jacking off next to the party on my chair.

Orgasms for Everyone!

It didn’t take long before I was cumming in this sweet girl’s tender mouth, my juices flowing down her chin; I could hear her slurping. I tossed my head back and then -bam- I was shot in the face with the cum from one of the guys! I was shocked and laughed at my surprise!! Two other men began shooting their cum right at my breasts and I laid back accepting all the gifts these men were so willingly giving me. After all 4 men came on me, I smeared their juices all over my breasts and neck and then took my hand and licked it clean.

Then I went and took a shower by myself, but was soon joined by another man. Ahhhh, a story for another time!