I went to a Play Party a few days ago and had a blast!

A Play Party is a gathering of like-minded BDSM folks who play together in a huge space that has a variety of huge wooden structures made to hold, trap, bind and suspend individuals who will be “worked on” with floggers, paddles, whips, ropes and more. People typically start out dressed in leather, but most eventually get naked to play. I wore a black, frilly, long tulle skirt with a see-through lace mini-top and some lovely black patent leather stiletto heels. My breasts were definitely on display.


Because I didn’t go with any of my submissives, I only Topped (as opposed to Domming)  at the party. It is a nuance, the difference between Topping and Domming, but I played with people I didn’t know before but who wanted to have someone to dominate the scene. I had a lovely lady in my hands and I was able to decorate her with ropes and pull her hands above her, securing her to an O-ring at the end of a chain screwed into the ceiling.

Sensuous Play

Because I didn’t know her before that evening, I didn’t want to push her limits until we had played a few times. Therefore, I teased her with my fingers, dug my long fingernails into her beautiful round ass and ran the crop across her exposed pussy. I put alligator clamps on her nipples, both of which were connected by a chain. I loved standing in front of her, stroking her face and hair and then leaning down, taking the chain in my mouth and pulling back s l o w l y so that her nipples stood on end and she tossed her head back, moaning. Then I dropped the chain and sucked on those clamped nipples, flicking them with my tongue. Such exquisite pain/pleasure! I used my hand and spanked her bottom a few times as she pushed her ass out towards me, letting me know she loved my touch. I played with her for about 20 minutes and ended the scene with my fingers on her clit and my tongue in her mouth. I made her cum and she dangled from the chain, trying to stay standing up. My fingers were coated with her wet and I took them and pushed them into her mouth. She sucked on my fingers hungrily.

Next Time

I would love to play with her again and would spank her more (and harder!) as well as use that crop on her tits. I also hope to bring at least one of my subs (both male) and play with them. I look forward to sharing those experiences with you soon!