Having a Medical Fetish is fairly uncommon, but it is one of my specialties so I wanted to write about it here. Medical Fetishes can be everything from loving a woman in a nurse’s uniform to being probed with a variety of medical devices.

Medical Experience

In my previous life, I was a midwife so have a lot of nursing experience. I can take your temperature or give you a rectal exam, whatever strikes your fancy. I am adept at speculum exams as well. Do you think about your doctor ordering CBT? A prostate exam? Need me to measure your cock? Want a breast exam?

Sissies Welcome

If you are a Sissy and want to be Feminized, I can be your “endocrinologist” that helps you become more of a woman. We can talk about helping you grow breasts, bring your waist in and enlarge your hips… we can even talk about removing your beard with laser treatments.

The Exam Room

We have several choices about where to do our exam: a typical exam room (with exam table with stirrups), a sterile hospital room (with IV poles and bedpans) or in the operating room (with gas masks and surgical equipment). I am comfortable in all these settings and would love to set you up for surgery.

Your Medical Fetish

As with all my clients, your medical care is kept completely confidential… my charts are kept locked so no one can see what your medical fetish is. You can come to me for care knowing you will be taken care of better than any other man. You will be my special patient!

I hope to see you in the office soon.