Initially, it might sound very strange, if not downright taboo, but I find more and more men are drawn to become cum eating whores… even you straight guys. How does one start, though?

Coerced Cum Eating

I find that many men start out tasting their pre-cum first and then get more and more curious about their cum, wondering “What does cum taste like?“… but they need a nudge to actually taste it. That’s what we Enchantrixes are good for! We know just the right way to encourage you to take that first lick. It helps that most of us also love cum ourselves. Some men need to be directed how to do it and others need to be told more sternly to do it already. Whatever your style, you are sure to quickly love cum eating!

What Next?

It brings me great pleasure when a man masturbates on the Cam for me. I get to be his Masturbatrix, guiding his stroking as well as his orgasm. But, when I give him permission to cum, I love Love LOVE looking at all those juices spurt out of the head of his cock. I love seeing it pool in his hand or squirted into a bowl. And then… slurp… drink it right up! Turn me on, why don’t you! I wish it was ME eating that cum! Show me how good it is and what a good cum eating boy you are. Don’t waste any! Lick it all up.

Good Cum Eating Company

Really, there are lots of you guys who eat your cum; you are not alone in either being curious about it or madly wild for it. And we girls love to hear about it! Call and tell us every detail of your cum eating experience. I know I, for one, am waiting.