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Whisked Away to the Bahamas for a Sex Party! (With Audio!)

At the spurT of the moment, I was invited to a Sex Party in the Bahamas! And as if that weren’t enough, we were flying there… in a private jet!

Excited as all get out, I packed my bags and off I went.

New Bahamas Friends

I stepped onto this amazing plane, the first private jet I’ve ever been on, and it was gorgeous! Leather seats that were like couches instead of rows, deep rich red carpeting and shiny metal everywhere else. An enormous television set was already playing porn (cocksucking porn… one of my favorites!). I was the third person on the plane (and I was worried I would seem like an over-eager slut to get on the thing!) and took my seat on the opposite side from the other two, one of whom was our host.

Next up the stairs was a TGirl. My face lit UP as she lowered her head to enter the cabin. Dressed simply in black, I could see the strap of her bra as the shoulder of the dress drooped a bit.

She also wore a burgundy velvet choker, a sure sign of a submissive.


I was in heaven.

I patted the empty seat next to me, grinning hugely, and said (probably a little too loudly), “HERE! SIT WITH ME!” She looked a tad startled at my exuberance, but obediently sat down.

My Assignment

The owner of the jet, a Dom, asked if I was up for a challenge that evening. I said I would love a challenge, without even knowing what I was asking for.

Turns out, the TGirl sitting next to me had never sucked a cock, but wanted to in the worst way. Everyone knowing how I love to suck cock… and teach others how to… they thought it would be a perfect match. I readily agreed!

During the flight, I pulled one of the lifelike dildos out of my bag (I bring a selection, including some that look nothing like cocks) and began to educate my night’s submissive.

A little kiss here, a slide of the tongue there… tickle the slit… she laughed embarrassingly as I leaned into her, helping her to relax. I told her she canNOT laugh with the real cock, unless, of course, it was teeny weeny. Her eyes bugged out at me and I told her I would not be giving her a micropenis for her first cock, so not to fret. She then said, “But not too big, either, right?”

I said, “We shall see.”


Next: The Bahamas Party Begins!

9 comments to Whisked Away to the Bahamas for a Sex Party! (With Audio!)

  • OMG, Ms. Daphne! I said it during Ms. Harper’s 100th Whore School episode, you have the most fun adventures! Should we start calling you the the Cock – or Cocksucker! – Whisperer? I think a trip on a private plane to the Bahamas to train a TGirl to give an expert blowjob is a fair exchange! I can’t wait to hear how this turns out.

    • laughing to Ms. Delia

      Cock Whisperer… hrmmm… I think I could get used to that! laughing

      It really was so much fun… I have the one more installment to go… writing as we speak!

      giant Sistah huggle

  • That sounds like so much fun. I hope you have an amazing time.

  • Let me guess: this poor t-girl had bois aching to suck her cock, and all of them wanted her to dominate them, not get their cock sucked by her? I’m sure that can be frustrating for a girl who loves cock! How very kind of you to whip out your considerable arsenal of training tools to help a sistah out!

    • Ms. Piper,

      I had a moratorium on anyone touching her cock. That was part of our negotiation on the plane I did not explain, but should have. She agreed to focus on others instead of her pleasure; it was my requirement for teaching her how to suck cock. She was not one second hesitant about the contract, either. She was that eager for the lesson. If I’d have had a cock cage, I would have popped it right in and locked it. But I did not, so just kept people appraised of the deal.

      It went really well since I was really clear about the rules with others.

      You guessed good, though! If she had been alone, I am sure she would have had an endless line of wanna-suckers.

  • August West

    Every time You post about sex parties i yearn more for Your dominance.

    May i say that i eagerly await the next installment

    Thank You

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