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Chanukah begins at sunset tomorrow night, December 6, 2015. This, what I am writing, is a fantasy. Having studied Judaism for 15 years, I have great respect for the religion. But, just like there can be sexy fantasies around Christmas, this one happens to be around Chanukah.


My submissive was sweating as he dashed about the house cleaning for the tomorrow’s party… the first night of Chanukah. I sat on the couch with a glass of red wine directing him.

“You missed a spot,” as I pointed to the smudge on the wooden coffee table.

He zipped over with the cloth and Pledge and removed the blemish quickly and completely. He was wearing the dainty lime green satin panties, the ones that had the lace on the edges and was hiked up onto his hips; much of his bottom was available for me to swat.

When he leaned over the coffee table, he did so right in front of me as he had been trained to do. I smacked his butt with my hand in a playful manner.

“Thank you, Mistress,” was his reply.

I could tell he was smiling.

He continued cleaning, getting the cobwebs off the high ceiling lights and fans, running wet cloths over the baseboards and window sills and even making sure the light bulbs were dusted. I wanted everything meticulous for the upcoming 8-day holiday. We would be hosting several parties over the next few days and he would only have time for cursory cleaning at those times.



As I walked around the huge house we shared, I checked after him, making sure the work was being done properly. He knew what was coming if it wasn’t.


I am a pretty gentle Mistress, but I don’t hesitate to correct my submissive if he doesn’t do things correctly or if he disappoints me. I also work with strict boundaries, wanting to be clear with expectations so the sub knows the rules as well as knows the consequences if the rules are broken.

When I first brought him into my home, when he was still just applying for the “job” of my submissive (I was “interviewing” several at the time), I could tell he was different because he picked up what I was saying quickly, answered me in complete sentences and when I asked what I had said 10 minutes earlier, he remembered quite clearly. Bonus points for him!

We “courted” (not sexually or romantically) for several months before I agreed to a submissive contract with him. I don’t do things flippantly, but see this Domme/sub relationship as a serious commitment to each other.

I armed him with the bucket of cleaning supplies and clean rags and then started in the kitchen and moved around the house counter-clockwise. I let him do the cleaning, but coached from his side. There was no discipline involved in this process at all. It was all educational, but I did tell him my pet peeves and I could see him mentally noting them. Very good boy!!

It didn’t take him long to get the entire house routine down pat and I could leave him to his work, merely wandering around at my leisure to see how things were going. If I saw something amiss, I called him (and he was always quick to come to me) and would show him the blemish then correct him with some physical interaction.

I took his nipples in my fingers and twisted them hard, causing an “ugh!” to ooze from his throat out his mouth. I twisted enough until his knees started to buckle.

“Thank you, Mistress! I will make sure to clean the sink stopper better next time.”

“Yes, I know you will.”

And I let go of his nipple.

The Chanukah Candle



I went into the storage room off the back bedroom and rummaged around for awhile, finding our seven menorahs and the many packages of candles we had left over from last year. As I gathered things together in a box, my mind began creating a scene to present to my guests this evening.

I could see my subbie boy, dressed in black silk stockings, attached to a lovely black satin garter belt. Of course, would have on his 4-inch patent leather Mary Janes.


A bustier. Yes. A black satin bustier tied tight so it was hard for him to breathe.

No panties.

I can see him serving my guests champagne, clickity-clacking on the wooden floors as he did so. I am ever-so-thankful he is adept at walking in heels. His cock hides behind the metal cage which, at times, sends sparks of light as he turns in just a certain way.

But mostly, I keep seeing him as the centerpiece on the dining room table. Crouched into a yoga position, ass high in the air.

As I stand in the storage room, I absently take a Chanukah candle out of one of the boxes. It’s a long taper with swirls of wax running around it. I fondle the entire candle, my mind going wild. Could I? Would I dare? Would it be sacrilegious? Would any of my friends be offended?

And then I thought about The Scene in general. It’s a place to push boundaries, isn’t it? Make people think about long-held beliefs and possibly reconsider them?

I decided yes. I was going to make my sub the Menorah for tonight. One candle lit that he would hold in an outstretched hand, to be used to light the other, the Chanukah candle. And that special holiday candle would be tucked into the hole in his butt. Lit. It would be delicious to watch as the wax melted onto his bottom and his hand. Of course, I will be close by, protecting my property from any permanent damage, but at least for a few minutes, it would be big fun to see him as the focal point of the Scene.

Having the formulated plan in place, I stepped back out into the hallway. Hearing my sweet sub singing in the kitchen, I walk towards him to fill him in on the celebratory plans for the evening.

I know he will wholeheartedly embrace… and enjoy it. And so will my guests! Mostly, of course, I will relish his subservience and obedience. So proud as I show him off.

With a Chanukah candle in his ass.

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