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Cock Sucking Safely (Audio Included!)

It is no secret how much I love cock sucking. I was lucky to learn from my gay friends when I was in my late teens and love to pass on the skills to others.

It is so common for you straight guys to fantasize about cock sucking, I am no longer surprised . . . → Read More: Cock Sucking Safely (Audio Included!)

Caitlyn: Internalized Transphobia?

There is a big hoopla going on at this very moment about Caitlyn Jenner and some comments she made to Time Magazine as they interviewed her for their end-of-the-year issue. She says, in part, in the article “Caitlyn Jenner on Privilege, Reality TV and Deciding to Come Out“:

“One thing . . . → Read More: Caitlyn: Internalized Transphobia?

The Precariousness of Hormones

I’ve been asked many times by a Sissy if she should have been born with female genitalia.

Gender is so complicated, it is difficult to answer with a yes or no. I usually ask, “Do you feel like a girl/woman?” and that answer alone can let the person know if they, perhaps, should have . . . → Read More: The Precariousness of Hormones