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Pegging Your Yummy Ass

One of my favorite phone/virtual/real life things to do is Pegging.


To make you laugh, it took years for me to learn the term “Pegging.” I always called it “Fucking You in the Ass.” “Pegging” can be said in polite company, though, a Mistress asking her submissive man across the table, “Can . . . → Read More: Pegging Your Yummy Ass

Countdown to Cumming

Sometimes, sexy games are fun when we have our calls. I especially like when you want/need me to countdown to your orgasm.

Countdown from 10?

I know most of you are used to our counting down from 10 to 1, and your cumming when we hit the number 1 (or when we sat CUM . . . → Read More: Countdown to Cumming

My subby boy at the Sex Party

I have this real life subby boy who is 2 decades younger than I, and while I keep him kinkily occupied, this Saturday night past was his first Sex Party. He was a nervous wreck… and I fucking loved it.

Subby Boy’s Prep

I took my boy to get waxed first thing in the . . . → Read More: My subby boy at the Sex Party

National Brown Bag-It Day (Mistress’ Command)

The Mistress and I had long ago severed our relationship. I missed her every single day.

Once a Mistress….

One day at work, we passed each other in a hall, around the corner from her office that’s off the beaten path. For the first time ever, she looked me in the eye.

“Stop,” . . . → Read More: National Brown Bag-It Day (Mistress’ Command)

My Birthday Cake

March 29, 1969 was the day I was born. (How cool is it I was born in ’69!!!) Therefore, a few days ago, I turned 48… complete MILF material, right?

I’ve told a few of you, but I have a real life subby boy now! I’ve been in Miami for almost 2.5 years and . . . → Read More: My Birthday Cake

Ring That Bell!

My Holiday Party needed a serving wench. I borrowed a friend’s submissive boi. I’d met him once and enjoyed his servitude and obedience greatly.

Pink Decorations

I had his outfit all picked out. Hmmm. Not sure you could call it an “outfit.” More like ways to accessorize his assets.

The first thing I . . . → Read More: Ring That Bell!

Panties: A Tale of the Panty Boy (Girl?) (Audio Included!)

möbius strip

A möbius strip is a mathematical wonder. Not a thing, per se, but a concept. It is a one-sided plane, which, when turned on itself, remains one-sided. It is magical! A BDSM Scene is like a möbius strip to me in that there is an interplay between the Top and the bottom -the . . . → Read More: Panties: A Tale of the Panty Boy (Girl?) (Audio Included!)

Aftercare: Cherishing My submissive After a Scene (With Audio!)

I recently had a submissive with whom I’d had a phone/Skype session and it was rather intense, requiring Aftercare. A challenge was the budget didn’t allow for the amount of tending he needed and I learned the next day, he had a difficult time on his own. I let him know that I . . . → Read More: Aftercare: Cherishing My submissive After a Scene (With Audio!)

Some Christmas Eve Fucking (Plus Audio!)

I watch as you are, once again, tweaking with the Christmas Tree. I talked you into one of those aluminum jobbers we had in the 1970’s. With the color wheel.


You rolled your eyes and said it reminded you of elementary school and I said, “Exactly.”

The “branches” always seemed to need . . . → Read More: Some Christmas Eve Fucking (Plus Audio!)